Why You’re More Likely to Be Depressed in February – And How to Reverse It Quickly

It’s February, and we’ve been in the darkest, coldest time of year for several months. For some people, this is a SAD time of year. I’m talking about SAD as in Season Affective Disorder. SAD is a condition that causes depression and anxiety during the times of the year when there’s less sunlight.

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Don’t Let a Small Cut or a Hospital Stay Kill You

Imagine that there was a disease associated with 25% to 30% of hospital deaths. Imagine that this number goes up closer to 50% when patients have complications. Imagine it was fast-acting and likely to be fatal if it wasn't caught quickly. And imagine if it was rarely listed as the cause of death, reducing the attention it received and making care givers less aware to watch out for its signs before it became fatal.

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Is This the Cause of Unwanted Weight Gain?

Do you struggle with weight issues? If so, this may surprise you. There’s an underlying cause of weight gain that very few people consider. This cause can go hand-in-hand with a loss of muscle mass, so the effects can be dangerous to your overall health.

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