Genetic Discovery Could Benefit Female Urinary Incontinence Sufferers

Researchers identified genetic variants associated with urinary incontinence. This helps explain why women who have never given birth or have suffered from incontinence from childhood are susceptible to the issue. It also opens up new areas for research into ways to help treat incontinence.

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Does a Limp Grip Increase Your Risk for Dying From High Blood Pressure?

Researchers found that having patients with high blood pressure complete a gait speed test gave them more information than a grip strength test alone. They looked at people who were fast walkers and slow walkers and had strong grips and weak grips. They found that the best way to determine who needed intervention was to combine the two groups: the people who were slow walkers AND had weak grip strength were the most likely to be at risk of dying due to high blood pressure.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Show Promise in Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers found that those in the higher-concentration of omega-3 fatty acids group (above the 50th percentile) showed statistically significant improvements in blood flow to the regions of the brain involved in memory and neurocognitive testing compared to those in the lower-concentration group. The researchers also found a correlation between low omega-3 fatty acids and reductions in blood flow to areas of the brain involved in learning and managing depression.

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