Bone Mineral Testing Is a Good Predictor of Alzheimer’s

Researchers found that when degeneration occurs in the area of the brainstem that makes serotonin, bone mineral density also decreases. This finding is significant because early signs of Alzheimer’s can include reductions in serotonin levels, affecting mood and sleep. This research indicates that a bone mineral density screening could actually do double duty in providing information about both osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s risk.

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Eating the Right Fat Helps Burn Body Fat

Researchers found that in animal models, consuming omega-3 fatty acids activated a receptor that stimulated the release of the hormone FGF21. This hormone in turn helps regulate lipid glucose and metabolism. The study is helping researchers understand why omega-3 fatty acids can be beneficial in treating both obesity and type-2 diabetes.

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Eating a Big Breakfast Healthier Than Skipping Breakfast

Researchers wanted to find out if eating a big breakfast or fasting was better for energy, weight control, appetite control, and insulin sensitivity. The group eating breakfast had more energy, more physical activity, better weight and appetite control, and insulin sensitivity than those who fasted.

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