Magnets Can Help Improve Memory Function

Researchers had 17 participants complete auditory memory tasks that involved recognizing a pattern of tones after it was reversed. As they worked on the tasks, the researchers monitored their theta waves. They then had the participants repeat the tasks while receiving transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) at the same theta frequency. With the TMS, the participants did better on the tasks – as long as the TMS matched their natural theta rhythms. When it was arrhythmic, they performed similarly to their initial results. 

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Vitamin B-12 Concentration and Memory Performance

Patients with B12 levels in the lower end of the range “showed a significantly poorer learning ability and recognition performance than did patients with high-normal vitamin B12 levels. Also, the microstructure integrity of the hippocampus was lower in patients with low-normal vitamin B12.”

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“Good” Bacteria Might Be a Solution to Unchecked Inflammation Found in Bowel Diseases

Researchers found that a detrimental feedback loop between gut bacteria and inflammation may be causing the symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel diseases. More importantly, it might be possible to interrupt this loop. They found that twins with ulcerative colitis tended to have lower levels of NLRP12 than twins without the disease. They also identified higher levels of colon inflammation as well as a different microbiome makeup in mice who lacked NLRP12. In particular, the mice had fewer strains of beneficial bacteria and more strains of inflammatory types. This microbiome population is similar to that of patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

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