Liver Conversion of Sugar Slows as We Age Increasing Diabetes Risk

Liver cells stockpile pre-RNA molecules needed for both glucose and fat metabolism so that they’re prepared to make a switch at a moment’s notice. This switch slows down as we age, making us prone to develop diabetes. But here’s how you can avoid this disease.

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Ozone Helps Heal Wounds That Won’t Heal

Researchers reported on the results of using ozone therapy in a group of 130 patients with severe infections of the foot. Often, these infections can lead to amputations. The patients had the standard surgical treatment of the infected areas, and then afterward were treated with regular exposure of the healing wound to ozone. For comparison, 90 other patients with the same condition were treated without any ozone therapy.

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New Treatment Targets Cancer Cells With Chemotherapy

Even when you're diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer, the diagnosis can still be devastating. That's because the process of treating cancer can be nearly as destructive as the disease itself. Doctors do have tools for killing cancer cells, but they usually take a lot of healthy cells out too, leading to toxic side effects like hair loss and exhaustion. 

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