Is Drinking Wine to Relax Really a Good Idea?

You probably know that having a glass of red wine helps many people relax. You may even be one of those who enjoys a glass or two before bed. And there’s nothing wrong with having some wine to relax. But we all know what drinking too much can do.

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This “Dangerous” Hormone Can Wipe Out Fatigue and Boost Your Energy

We live in a stressful world. Between work, the news, traffic, and all of life’s other pulls, we’re so over-extended it’s affecting our health. Unfortunately, we can’t do much about the world around us, but there’s hope.

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How to Rejuvenate Your Cells and Stay Young Longer

As you may know, good health starts on the cellular level. When your cells are healthy, you’re healthy. When your cells become diseased, you suffer health challenges. So it makes sense that keeping your cells healthy is the best way to stay healthy into your 90s and beyond.

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