Completely Reverse Exhaustion and Fatigue in 1-2 Weeks

You probably already know that stress is a killer. Just about every major disease has stress as one of its contributing factors. Whether it’s heart disease, cancer, or memory loss, stress can cause it or make it worse.

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The Fatigue Mystery Solved!

Practice makes perfect. All you have to do is keep on practicing those piano scales, and you will eventually start to sound very good. Practice them long enough, and you will perfect them. Not so with medicine. Medicine is a humbling profession if there ever was one. You can practice medicine all your life, but you will never perfect it. Even the greatest doctors will attest to this.

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The 3 Biggest Myths About Osteoporosis

I see them in my office all the time: women with bones so brittle they could snap. Yet the astonishing thing is that these women have not neglected their bones. On the contrary, they’re doing everything they’re “supposed” to do to strengthen their bones. They’re taking fistfuls of calcium and other supplements. They’re eating dairy and soy. They’re doing weight-bearing exercise. They’re putting wild yam cream on their thighs. 

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