Improving Gut Bacteria Can Change How Genes Function

Research conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that gut bacteria can help turn genes off and on throughout the body.

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Risk for Metabolic Syndrome Increases With High TSH Levels

Having elevated levels of the thyroid-stimulating hormone thyrotropin (TSH) can increase risk for metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular issues.

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New Study Shows an Easy and Inexpensive Way to Improve on Prolozone Treatments

Researchers gave a group of men and women with osteoarthritis of the knee one of three different treatments. They gave group one group injections of hyaluronic acid into their knees. The second group had injections of ozone. The third group had both injections alternating over a five-week period. The doctors measured their pain levels before the treatments, right after the treatments, and two months after the treatments. All three groups improved, with decreased pain and symptoms scores, and increased activities of daily living and quality of life scores. But the combined group had significantly more improvement.

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