Have You Been Having Trouble Remembering Things? Does Alzheimer's Run in Your Family?

It's Time to Save Your Memory Before It's TOO LATE

Judy was terrified - and she had good reason to be.

She had watched her mother suffer with Alzheimer's disease - and become more confused, forgetful and unable to care for herself with each passing day…

…Until she didn't even know who Judy was anymore.

Eventually, the disease took her mother's life at the young age of 72 - leaving Judy struggling with grief and a new set of worries…

…Doesn't Alzheimer's run in families? Would Judy herself someday forget the names and faces of her loved ones - and become unable to do even the simplest things for herself?

She was scared. She couldn't bear the thought of becoming a burden to her family - or worse, ending up forgotten in an institution. But the reality was…

The memory loss had already begun

Judy was only 48 years old, but her memory was already starting to slip. She was losing her keys way too often… entering rooms and then forgetting why she was there… and blanking out on people's names. 

Was she already experiencing the early signs of Alzheimer's?

Perhaps you're experiencing the same thing. You may have seen loved ones lose their minds and their freedom to Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Or perhaps you've been noticing problems with your own memory.

Well, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Judy…

You CAN prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia - and even reverse cognitive decline

My name is Dr. Frank Shallenberger, M.D. And I want to reassure you that dementia is NOT a normal part of growing older. What's more…

…Even if both your grandfather and your mother had Alzheimer's disease, you are NOT automatically predestined to lose your most precious memories and live out your days in a nursing home like they did.

There are safe, natural things you can do to protect your mind from future decline - and even improve your memory. But you probably won't hear about them from your doctor.

That's why I've written an urgent new book "Never Get Alzheimer's!" So you can discover:

  • The easy at-home memory test that can determine if you or your loved one has memory loss - and when you should perform the test for the most accurate results. See page 10…

  • The popular beverage that can cut your chance of developing memory problems by 30% to 70% - and gives you a boatload of other health benefits at the same time - page 17…

  • The inexpensive vitamin that can slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease by a staggering 52% - and how much you should take for optimal results - page 32…

  • Why gingko may NOT help you prevent mental decline - and another promising nutrient that did better in studies to boost the memories of Alzheimer's patients. See pages 34 - 35…

  • The brain-boosting nutrient that improved memory and focus for dementia patients in studies - helping 100% of them score better on memory tests after just three months - page 35…

  • How one woman saved her husband from sliding into severe mental decline - with the wonder-oil revealed on pages 38 - 39…

  • And many more ways to treat and prevent memory decline!


You can enjoy a sharp, clear memory for years to come

No more worrying about becoming a burden to your children and grandchildren. No more stressing over how you're going to pay for long-term care in a nursing home.

You'll get the treatment plans I've been using to help my patients protect their brains from cognitive decline…  recover youthful, razor-sharp memories… and delay (or even reverse) the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

And now, for a limited time, you can download Never Get Alzheimer's! for only $4.95 - which is less than you'll pay for a sandwich at the local deli.

So why wait another moment? Get your copy of Never Get Alzheimer's! today - and get the information you need to experience a sharp mind and healthy memory well into your Golden Years.


Dr. Frank Shallenberger

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