This Tiny Mineral Reverses Arthritis!

Scientists say its disappearance from our diet is the reason arthritis rates are climbing. Now ... here's the easiest way ever to halt your pain and rebuild your damaged joints...

This Tiny Mineral Reverses Arthritis Report

Arthritis can take all the shine out of your "golden years" — and we doctors are seeing more cases of it these days than ever before. Now we know the reason why...

Scientists have just discovered that the disappearance of the trace mineral boron from our diet seems to be the reason osteoarthritis rates have been climbing. They've found that...

In areas where boron is plentiful in the soil and food supply, arthritis rates are nearly zero. But in places where boron is scarce, arthritis rates are quite high. Moreover, people with arthritis tend to be seriously deficient in it.

Is There a Connection? Absolutely

How can we be sure? Because after just 7 days of giving a specific form of boron to people with arthritis, researchers noted that...

...every single marker of painful inflammation was significantly reduced — and it triggered the rebuilding of cartilage and bone!

This is a truly groundbreaking discovery! It means that this tiny trace mineral could hold the solution to your arthritis misery — and quite possibly save you from knee or hip replacement surgery (or a life of dangerous pain medications). Let me tell you more...

Finally, the Mystery Is Solved!

The reason glucosamine and chondroitin didn't work for you could be the same reason doctors are seeing more arthritis than ever before: a deficiency in the tiny trace mineral boron can have a huge impact on who gets arthritis — and how much suffering it can cause.

We've had evidence since the 1960s that declining levels of boron in our diet is a prime cause of osteoarthritis.

The first tipoff came when scientists noticed that in areas of the world where the soil and food supply contain less boron, the incidence of osteoarthritis is high (in up to 70% of the population). But in areas where the mineral is plentiful, the rate of arthritis plunges to 10% — and even to zero!

This made them wonder if people with arthritis had lower blood levels of boron compared to people without the condition. And when they looked, that's exactly what they discovered!

In fact, one study showed that the levels of boron in arthritic hips were 50% less than in healthy hips.

Next Came Animal Studies

The next step was to induce osteoarthritis in laboratory animals — and then give them boron supplementation. To everyone's surprise, the animals' arthritis was stopped in its tracks!

Animal Study

Human trials were then conducted. After just two months, 50% of the arthritis sufferers who received the boron supplement reported significant improvement in their symptoms.

After just 7 days of receiving the mineral, every single marker of painful inflammation was significantly reduced in people with arthritis — while it also triggered the rebuilding of cartilage and bone.

This amount of pain relief is amazing for a natural substance in such a short time!

Then They Combined the Mineral with Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Finally, when the researchers gave a boron supplement to arthritis patients already taking glucosamine and chondroitin, they got an even bigger surprise...

Those patients displayed an additional 25% boost in pain-reducing, cartilage-enhancing performance. So, if you've taken a glucosamine chondroitin supplement and had no results, a deficiency of boron could be why.

This is such great news that I've written an entire Special Report about it — because there's not enough room here to describe all the exciting developments.

For instance, in my Report, I explain how this tiny trace mineral could finally put an end to your arthritis misery — and quite possibly save you from knee or hip replacement surgery (or a life of dangerous pain medications).

Best of all, relief will be only days away. Given how inexpensive this mineral is, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it. In my Report, I explain all the details — including the specific form of boron the researchers used in these studies ... and the exact dose that was so effective. So please order this complimentary Report to give this simple remedy a try soon.

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The Easiest Way to Lose Weight Without Dieting!

If you've been struggling to lose weight, you're going to love this news...

Scientists have recently discovered the closest thing to a true-blue weight loss pill that they've ever seen.

According to a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, this pill delivers the advantages of calorie restriction — but without eating any less food!

These amazing benefits are delivered by resveratrol, the nutrient with a well-researched reputation as an "anti-aging" compound. Now, new research shows it has some pretty terrific weight-loss and metabolic benefits, as well. Let me explain...

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Extreme Dieting

So far, the only proven way to extend life is by extreme calorie restriction. How is this possible? Well, limiting calorie intake produces a number of positive effects on blood pressure ... lipid levels (cholesterol and triglycerides) ... blood sugar ... lowering inflammation ... and reducing body fat. All good stuff, right?

So, here's a surprise. When researchers gave a specific dose of resveratrol to a group of obese men daily for 30 days, they observed these same benefits — even though the men didn't make any changes to their eating or exercise patterns!

What caused this minor miracle? The researchers found that resveratrol increased the metabolic rate in the men's mitochondria (the microscopic "energy factories" in each cell where food is converted into energy). The effect was like turning up the idle rate on your car's engine so more calories are burned 24/7. Wow!

Of course, taking resveratrol is no substitute for a healthful diet and regular physical activity. But it's good to know that it can help to make losing weight easier and more healthful — especially if you're dealing with obesity.

What Have You Got to Lose?

This is an important new finding. And if you could use some extra help in shedding your excess pounds, you certainly should give it a try.

It's easy to do because I've put all the details in a Special Report — including the ideal daily dose of resveratrol that the researchers used — plus, a reputable source where you can order a personal supply. So, please don't miss this!

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How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Global Allergy Epidemic

How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Global Allergy Epidemic Report

If you feel your allergy symptoms are getting worse with each new season, it’s not your imagination.

Our weather seems to be changing all over the world. Each year is becoming warmer, which is lengthening the growing season.

Scientists say these changes are making life miserable for allergy sufferers worldwide.

They also say you can expect your allergy misery to increase every season. And if you’ve never been bothered by allergies in the past, there’s a good chance you soon will be. Let me explain why…

Why You Can Expect Your Allergies to Get Worse:

A longer growing season means that allergy sufferers are in for double trouble: from tree pollen that causes spring hay fever allergies — and from pollen produced by grasses and ragweed in the fall. Ugh!

Pollen, you see, attacks our immune system, which attempts to get rid of it through coughing, sneezing and expelling mucus. Result? Breathing becomes more difficult — and sound sleep is nearly impossible.

The Dangers of Allergy Medicines

Conventional allergy medications aren’t very effective either (only 26% of allergy sufferers say their symptoms are “well-controlled” or “completely controlled”).

Worse, these drugs carry a long list of ugly side effects, which I detail in this Special Report. (They include decreased libido and impaired brain function.)

Finally, allergy medications can be very dangerous when taken with certain prescription drugs, such as for heart disease … enlarged prostate … thyroid conditions … glaucoma … and diabetes. (My Report gives you all the details.)

But This Doesn’t Mean You’re Doomed to Suffer

You’ll be happy to know there are a handful of highly-effective herbal-based remedies which halt allergy symptoms quite effectively — and every one of them is free of side effects.

My Report lists the very best of these natural allergy remedies and explains why they work so well.

You’ll also read about studies showing how these natural remedies worked better than the leading allergy drugs when they were tested head-to-head.

In fact, it wasn’t even close. Some studies showed the herbal remedies were two to four times more effective!

But here’s the best news: One formula in particular combines the top performing histamine-blocking herbs, which makes it a “super” allergy fighter that can keep you symptom free — even during the height of the season when everyone around you is miserable!

I’ll tell you all about this remarkable natural remedy in my Special Report — including how you can stock up now before word gets around and supplies completely sell out.

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Get Rid of Wrinkles Without Cosmetic Surgery

Get Rid of Wrinkles Without Cosmetic Surgery Report

If you feel your allergy symptoms are getting worse with each new season, it’s not your imagination.

Some people say wrinkles are “badges of wisdom.” But those must be young people who don’t have them yet.

Personally, I’ve never met anyone who thinks their own wrinkles look great. And if this includes you, you’re going to be very interested in this Special Report.

It describes a novel (and clinically proven) way to prevent — or get rid of — facial wrinkles that’s as easy as drinking a special protein drink that can smooth them out. (The results are as effective as Botox!)

The Drink That Smoothes Wrinkles Away

This “anti-wrinkle drink” contains pure collagen protein and hyaluronic acid (HA) — both of which are responsible for the firmness of the upper layer of your skin (the dermis).

You see, when you’re young, your dermis is loaded with collagen and elastin. Both give your skin its smooth, firm appearance. Youthful skin is also rich in HA, which helps the skin to retain moisture.

But with age and UV-ray damage from the sun, your skin begins to lose collagen, elastin and HA. This drying effect creates fine wrinkles in your dermis.

Proven in Clinical Trials!

When researchers tested the anti-wrinkle drink against cosmetic procedures including chemical peel, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and plastic surgery, they were surprised (to say the least!) by the results. Here’s what they found…

Wrinkles. 69% of the men and women taking the collagen drink displayed “significant improvement in their wrinkles.” (This is similar to what is achieved with Botox or injection of fillers.)

UV-ray damage. At the end of the study, 43% of those who had sun damage showed “significant improvement” in their skin’s appearance — and 82% had significant improvement in hydration.

Collagen content. Researchers measured the amount of collagen in the subjects’ skin before and after downing the drink for the study. They found an impressive increase in the collagen content, resulting in noticeable firmness. On average, their skin firmness doubled after 80 days on the drink!

The Antidote to Skin Aging?

These remarkable results came from drinking the collagen supplement for just 60 days. And it’s fair to say that it produced a remarkable reversal of the appearance of aging.

Since there are no foods that deliver this much collagen and HA to your dermis — and because topical creams are almost entirely ineffective — this is the only non-medical way to achieve younger-looking skin.

My Special Report contains many more details about this wonderworking supplement — including where you can order your own supply of the identical product used in the scientific studies. You won’t want to miss this!

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A Complete Cure for Women’s Bladder Troubles

A Complete Cure for Women’s Bladder Troubles Report

If you feel your allergy symptoms are getting worse with each new season, it’s not your imagination.

Many women have a deep, dark secret — especially after they’ve gone through menopause. This secret is their bladder.

Either a woman’s bladder is 1) irritable and over-active, 2) supersensitive and on a hair-trigger, or 3) subject to recurring infections — or all three situations simultaneously.

These conditions remain “secret” because women rarely discuss them, except with their physicians. Yet, even when they do, these women rarely find relief.

If you’re one of them, this Special Report is for you. In it, I explain why these bladder problems are so difficult to clear up with conventional medical remedies. I also describe how you can achieve a complete cure, once and for all.

Yes, I Said “Complete Cure!”

You see, all 3 bladder problems have one thing in common: a substance called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) that’s missing from the protective coating that lines the urinary tract and bladder. My Report gives you 3 options for fixing the problem permanently.

Cure #1. By adjusting your hormone balance, your body will begin restoring GAGs to the protective lining again. Simply ask your doctor to order two natural hormone creams (identified in my Report) and apply them as I recommend. (If you need to find a doctor who is savvy in natural hormones — or a nearby compounding pharmacy — my Report has a resource guide for both.)

Cure #2. There is an herbal supplement which, when taken orally, lays down a protective barrier on the lining of the urinary tract and bladder. This protects it like Teflon from troublemaking bacteria and irritants. It also quiets the inflammation to promote healing. This supplement is dirt cheap, but only available from the source cited in my Report. Clinical research confirms that it’s extremely effective.

Cure #3. This option works for even the most extreme cases of interstitial cystitis (IC). It involves injecting a combination of natural, antiinflammatory substances and ozone into the bladder through a catheter.

This treatment is easy, painless and performed in a doctor’s office. It’s also highly effective — even for women who’ve been suffering for 20 years or longer!

In one clinical study, 100% of the women had “significant improvement.” And in another, 53% of the women were completely cured. (Among those who weren’t completely cured, many experienced a 50% improvement — or better.)

My Report describes this treatment in detail — and even helps you locate a skilled physician who can perform the procedure for you.

Imagine Having a Normal, Healthy Bladder Again!

This means you can be free of your painful, annoying bladder problems — so you can enjoy a normal, healthy life again. Wouldn’t that be great? Yes, you can have permanent relief — so please don’t hesitate to Special Report right away!

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The Cholesterol Drug That Can Give You “Alzheimer’s”

The Cholesterol Drug That Can Give You “Alzheimer’s” Report

If you’re taking a prescription drug to lower your cholesterol, please be sure to read every word of this…

Dan was a robust 74-year-old man who came to me because he was becoming so forgetful that he repeated himself in conversations. His doctor had diagnosed Dan with Alzheimer’s and prescribed a drug for it.

But Dan didn’t have Alzheimer’s. After examining him, I determined that his memory problems were being caused by a drug his doctor prescribed to lower Dan’s cholesterol.

The drug, a member of the statin family, was destroying Dan’s memory — and causing other problems with his health, as well.

I first sounded the alarm about this more than 10 years ago. So my Second Opinion readers who heeded my warnings about these cholesterol lowering drugs avoided Dan’s “Alzheimer’s” problem.

Dire New Warnings About These Drugs!

Now, the FDA has issued additional safety warnings about these drugs. So if you’re taking any of them — or know someone who is — you’ll want to order this Special Report right away.

These drugs involved are: Lipitor … Lescol … Mevacor … Altoprev …Livalo …Pravachol …Crestor … Zocor … Advicor … Simcor … and Vytorin.

In my Report, I described the nasty new side effects they can cause — many of which are quite serious, including full-blown dementia.

I also describe the details of Dan’s case in this Report — but suffice it to say that all of his symptoms completely vanished when I discontinued the drug. A few months later, he was back to normal.

(As for Dan’s so-called “heart disease” problem, we fixed that too with the safe, natural treatment I also describe in this Special Report.)

Why These Statin Drugs Are Unnecessary

You see, I rarely use cholesterol-lowering drugs because I know cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease. Of course, this isn’t what conventional medicine says.

Because it is strongly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, conventional medicine includes cholesterol-lowering drugs as part of its standard treatment when cholesterol is elevated in a patient.

Any physician who fails to do so can be sued for malpractice. So Dan’s doctor was just covering his you-know-what.

But cholesterol is essential for proper brain function. So when it’s lowered with a drug, cognitive problems can result. The evidence for this has been known for a decade, when two clinical trials first identified the connection. (You’ll read about both studies in this Report.)

Other Memory-Destroying Drugs to Beware of…

And statins aren’t the only drugs that can mess with your brain or memory. My Report lists several other medications linked to cognitive problems. (God only knows how many people are suffering from memory loss and cognitive decline because of the medications their doctors are prescribing.)

So if you’re taking any of these drugs, please send for this Special Report right away — so you can begin implementing my brain-saving advice immediately.

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How to Dodge the New Outbreak of Heart Failure

How to Dodge the New Outbreak of Heart Failure Report

If you’re over 65, I bet you’ve probably been hearing a lot about congestive heart failure lately. Not from the press, mind you — but perhaps because so many of your friends and relatives may be dealing with it.

In truth, heart failure has reached “epidemic” proportions in the US and worldwide. It’s a serious condition with a high fatality rate that has doctors confounded — and concerned.

But a New Discovery Is Saving Hearts and Lives!

Believe it or not, a brand new study shows that a common mineral supplement which costs just pennies can reduce the chance of dying by more than 500%!

You see, doctors diagnose heart failure by something called “ejection fraction” which is a measure of how much blood the heart is able to pump with each stroke. Healthy hearts have an ejection fraction over 60%. But, as the heart becomes weaker from heart failure, the ejection fraction decreases.

Also, when the heart is failing, it produces a substance called brain natriuretic peptide (BNP). The higher the BNP levels are, the worse the heart failure is.

So, here’s what’s really interesting. When researchers examined a group of men and women with heart failure whose hearts had an ejection fraction of less than 45% and high BNP levels, they made a fascinating discovery…

They All Were Low in a Mineral That’s Crucial for Heart Health!

You see, heart cells can’t produce sufficient energy when they are low on this mineral (which I identify in this Special Report). So a deficiency in this mineral is very likely to cause more problems. And that’s exactly what the researchers found.

The patients with the mineral deficiency were 5 times more likely to have either died or had a heart attack compared to those with normal levels!

So if you know someone with heart failure, show them this Report so they can have their doctor check their levels of this crucial mineral. This simple action could save their life.

Why Are Their Levels So Low?

There are three common reasons, each of which is described in my Report. But one very common cause is prescription drugs. (My Report explains how and why this occurs.)

If your friend is deficient in this important mineral, simply taking it as a supplement can bring their levels back to normal — and your help could prove to be a lifesaver!

Of course, you’ll also want to be sure you are getting enough of this mineral, too (deficiencies are common among everyone these days) — so you can dodge this problem entirely.

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How Men Can Last Much Longer During Sex

How Men Can Last Much Longer During Sex Report

Every healthy woman, regardless of her age, wants a man who is a dynamo in bed.

And every man — healthy or not — wants to be just that. Unfortunately, the sexual electricity of many men can get short-circuited to the point they just can’t sustain a “charge.” This causes sadness and disappointment for both parties — and the intimacy of the relationship can suffer.

The Easy Cure for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a bigger problem than we realize. More than one-third of all men suffer from it, making it the most common sexual complaint in men (far greater than erectile dysfunction).

Up until recently, doctors have been uncertain of its cause, believing PE to be largely a psychological problem. Now, a new study finds that low levels of a particular hormone seem to be responsible. (And no, it isn’t testosterone.)

Instead, the deficient hormone is one not usually associated with sexual performance or desire. (You’re in for a big surprise when you discover its identity in this Special Report.)

When researchers examined the hormone levels of a group of men with lifelong PE, they were surprised to find their levels were 70% lower compared to men without the problem. So they designed a treatment using an antidepressant drug known to boost this hormone.

After just 4 weeks on the antidepressant, all of the men’s levels of this “high-performance hormone” had significantly increased — and the length of time before they climaxed during sex was greatly improved.

The researchers concluded that the increased hormone level had successfully retarded their ejaculation. In other words, the men had become better, more satisfying lovers. (And remember, this had been a lifelong problem for them.) While these are impressive results, I don’t recommend resorting to an anti-depressant — because these drugs carry a long list of nasty side effects.

The Non-Drug Way to Achieve These Results!

The drug in the study worked by boosting a certain brain chemical which then is converted to the performance hormone. But there is a completely natural, inexpensive and non-prescription way to achieve the same results!

As you’ll read in my Special Report, you’ll only need 3 readily-available nutrients to do the job. Just follow the simple protocol I describe to raise your levels of this crucial high-performance hormone. Your sexual electricity should be transformed into “high voltage” in a very short time — and you’ll find yourself lasting much longer!

My complimentary Report contains all the details — so please send for your copy right away!

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A Safe, Fast Fix for High Blood Pressure

A Safe, Fast Fix for High Blood Pressure Report

High blood pressure is nothing to take lightly. It poses the danger of a sudden heart attack or stroke, and places a heavy burden on your kidneys. That’s why doctors act swiftly when a patient’s blood pressure is elevated.

Unfortunately, physicians usually react by prescribing one or more blood pressure drugs — and these drugs carry side effects that make patients so uncomfortable that many stop taking them. This isn’t a good situation.

My Strategy Is Different — And Far More Effective

There is a highly-effective natural substance that lowers blood pressure safely and inexpensively — and it’s available over-the-counter for pennies. (I’ll tell you all about it in this Special Report.)

This safe, natural remedy rarely fails to normalize my patients’ blood pressure — even those with serious elevations. So you can image how pleased I was to see a new study that confirms its effectiveness for hypertensive patients.

Every Single Participant Showed Improvement!

Their blood pressure went down — and their nitric oxide levels went up. (Nitric oxide “relaxes” arteries so they expand easily to allow greater blood flow.)

It also improved their LDL cholesterol numbers and their triglycerides. (These are the most crucial lipid factors for your cardiovascular health, in my opinion.)

And because this plant-based remedy is a major source of antioxidants, it also significantly blocked the oxidation of LDL cholesterol — something I believe is extremely important.

These Are Great Results!

If you need a safe, effective way to lower your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels, please send for my Special Report so you can try my “go to” remedy ASAP. You’re going to love it!

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How to Stop Alzheimer’s Dead in Its Tracks!

How to Stop Alzheimer’s Dead in Its Tracks! Report

If you have a loved one who’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll want to see this Special Report right away — because it is filled with so much hope and promise!

While there’s still no cure for Alzheimer’s, researchers have just made one of the biggest advances ever. They’ve succeeded in slowing down its progression — and improving the mental function of people who already have it.

As you may know, Alzheimer’s develops when brain cells (called neurons) become damaged by free radical molecules (a result of oxidative stress).

Researchers have theorized that if they could limit this oxidative damage, they might be able to slow the progression of the disease. But how, they wondered, is the best way to achieve this?

Great News: They’ve Discovered the Solution!

I’m sure you’re aware that antioxidant nutrients are the natural enemies of free radicals. And one the strongest antioxidants of them all is glutathione peroxidase, which your body produces from the nutrient glutathione.

Researchers wanted to see if levels of glutathione peroxidase effect the progression of Alzheimer’s in patients — so they decided to investigate.

Now, if you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you know that doctors measure the progression of the disease with a test called the MMSE. A perfect MMSE score is 30 — but it’s rare for patients with Alzheimer’s to score over 25. As the disease progresses, their scores decline (along with their mental functions).

So, when the researchers compared patients’ MMSE scores with their levels of glutathione peroxidase, they made a fascinating discovery. Patients with higher glutathione peroxidase levels (over 100) also had higher MMSE scores (meaning their disease was progressing at a much slower rate).

But here’s the irony: when they measured the patients’ glutathione levels (from which glutathione peroxidase is produced), those with the highest levels actually progressed the fastest of all!

So, What the Heck Is Going On?

When they connected the dots, they found the answer.

You see, if the production of glutathione peroxidase from glutathione is slowed down for some reason, then we see higher levels of glutathione and lower levels of glutathione peroxidase (which means a faster progression of Alzheimer’s).

To slow down the disease, researchers had to increase the production of glutathione peroxidase from glutathione. And they found that ozone therapy is perfect for this!

In fact, several studies show that ozone therapy increases your body’s levels of all antioxidant enzymes — and especially glutathione peroxidase.

One study found a whopping 78% increase in glutathione peroxidase after a standard course of ozone treatments — with a corresponding decrease in glutathione levels.

Sounds Like Just What the Doctor Ordered, Doesn’t It?

Slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s means you could have more time to enjoy your loved one — because he/she will maintain healthier mental function for much longer than normal. Be sure to order my Special Report to read all the details — and how to locate a doctor in your area who is trained in ozone therapy. It’s the greatest gift you can give anyone with Alzheimer’s.

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"Super-Oxygen" Cure Ends Your Back Pain or Neck Misery— For Good!

George's back pain was making his life miserable. And now, after his second surgery, he was worse than ever.

His quality of life was spiraling down like water exiting a bathtub drain. He couldn't work ...couldn't work out ...and could barely make it to the mailbox and back without hurting. He'd been suffering for 5 years and still needed narcotics every day to manage the pain.

As a result, George put on weight — and his risk factors for heart disease and diabetes were out of control. Worse, he'd lost his self confidence and was ashamed of his appearance. When I first saw him, he was seriously depressed from the constant pain, lack of sleep and all the pain meds.

Fortunately, George had come to the right place. Thanks to the treatment I gave him (which you'll learn about in the next few minutes), he's a new man today. He's off all his drugs ... is completely pain-free ... and is now in good health, good shape and good spirits.

It took me about 10 minutes to give George the treatment right there in my office. It was simple, easy and not at all painful. And after just 15 minutes, George — like so many patients before him — was pain-free for the first time in years!

In the following paragraphs, I explain what I did that produced such a rapid and dramatic improvement. But first, let me explain why no one should ever have back surgery until they have tried this treatment.

Why? It's because back surgery is dangerous ... has a high rate of complications ... and produces a remarkably low rate of success. On the other hand, the treatment I use is safe ... has no complications ... and is successful 80% of the time even in the worst cases. Allow me to explain...

Why Spinal Surgery Usually Doesn't Help

George's case isn't unusual. At least 50% of the back pain patients I see have had one or more failed surgeries. Why so many? Because the most common surgery for chronic back and neck pain, called spinal fusion surgery doesn't usually help — and often leaves patients much worse off. A recent study proved it. It examined the outcomes of patients with identical back problems — half of whom had fusion surgery compared to an equal number who refused it. The researcher found that...

  • 36% of surgery patients suffered serious complications.

  • 27% of them required a second corrective surgery.

  • 41% experienced much greater use of (and addiction to) pain-relieving narcotics.

Even worse, the surgery patients were 5 times more likely to be permanently disabled!

Fortunately, There's a Much Safer Procedure That's Far More Successful

The treatment I used on George and my other back pain patients works much better than surgery. I simply inject a type of "super oxygen" called ozone into the painful area and the pain vanishes within minutes.

Independent researchers recently put this ozone treatment to the test. They gave a single injection of ozone to patients who experienced unsuccessful back surgery.

The results were so successful that the majority of the patients had a dramatic reduction in their pain — with some receiving up to 95% relief!

I wasn't surprised by these results at all. You see, I've been using ozone injections to relieve this type of pain in my patients for more than 20 years.

In fact, the therapy I developed called Prolozone™ is even more effective.

It uses specific vitamins and minerals in combination with ozone gas to relieve pain in any part of the body. I've trained hundreds of doctors from all parts of the US — and around the world — who now offer it to their patients.

"What the Heck Is Ozone — and Why Is It So Effective?"

Ozone gas is an oxygen molecule (O2) with an extra electron, making it O3.This extra electron creates ozone, a "supercharged oxygen" — and gives it three remarkable medical properties:

1. Ozone exerts remarkable anti-inflammatory powers that deliver immediate pain relief.

2. It's a powerful stimulant of cellular growth factors which are responsible for forming new cartilage.

3. Ozone also directs your immune system to launch a cascade of powerful healing chemicals called cytokines.

The Healing Power of Oxygen

But the most important healing element is the super-charged oxygen it provides.

You see, any area of pain and injury is begging for oxygen — because oxygen heals the damaged cells that are causing the pain. Without oxygen, the damaged cells simply cannot repair. They might remain in an injured state for years — or simply die.

It's difficult for joint cartilage and disc tissue to repair themselves because, unlike muscles, they don't have a direct blood supply to bring them oxygen.

This is the great benefit of ozone therapy. It dramatically improves circulation through those smaller blood vessels, so cells receive far more oxygen and nutrients than normal.

This extra oxygen allows the cells to excrete wastes and debris ... triggers the production of extra energy in their mitochondria ... and stimulates their ability to repair themselves and the tissues around them.

The Effects Are Immediate — and Usually Permanent

Ozone treatment takes about 10 minutes and is performed in the doctor's office. It's quick, easy and painless.

After just one injection, most patients are completely pain-free for the first time in years.

And after only 3 – 5 treatments, the improvements are usually permanent — just like George's were.

It Has an 80 – 90% Success Rate — No Matter What's Causing Your Pain!

Prolozone treatments are about as close to a miracle treatment as I've ever seen for painful back, neck, and joint conditions.

I've performed ozone injections in our clinic for the last 20 years and have observed a 90% success rate. Other practitioners have achieved similar results. For example...

Clinical studies published in Italian medical journals report that 63,000 patients have been treated in Italy with ozone injections — with a better than 80% success rate, which is confirmed by CT and MRI scans.

So Why Haven't You Heard About Prolozone Therapy Until Now?

Implant manufacturers and drug companies that market pain meds would lose a fortune if the truth got out about ozone injections and Prolozone therapy.

So they're doing their darndest to suppress the news and discredit these alternative therapies. (This is the same strategy that Big Medicine used against chiropractors for decades.)

But word-of-mouth is getting around nonetheless. In addition, I've established the American Academy of Ozone Therapy (AAO) to help popularize this wonderful therapy — and to lobby insurance companies to cover it.

Imagine Being Completely Free of Your Back or Neck Pain!

Imagine being able stand, walk — even jog! — free of your current back or neck misery.

Picture yourself returning to your favorite activities with full mobility. Think how much you're going to love sleeping in comfort again — without depending on narcotics and sleeping pills.

If you (or a loved one) are suffering from chronic pain in your back, neck, shoulders or elsewhere, I urge you to try Prolozone. You'll be amazed by your results.

If you'd like to learn more about these treatments, I'm happy to send you a Special Report that explains how it works — and even tells where to locate a certified practitioner in your area.

I'll send you this Special Report absolutely free (plus up to 19 additional Reports) when you try a no-risk subscription to Second Opinion, my popular health newsletter.

Each month, Second Opinion brings you news about outside-the-box treatments, therapies and cures that you won't read about anywhere else.

These Special Reports represent some of the biggest breakthroughs and discoveries in natural healing that I've reported on in recent issues. These Reports are perfect examples of what you can expect every single month when you become a subscriber.

Please Don't Fall into the Surgery Trap!

Whatever you decide, please don't fall into the surgery trap. Once you have surgery, there's no going back. So send for this complimentary Special Report right away to learn how you can end your back or neck pain in just 10 minutes — without resorting to addictive drugs or dangerous surgery.

Order this free Report at the end of this Special Issue. But before you do, allow me to tell you about another Special Report that you might be equally interested in sending for...

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A Surprising Cause of Fatigue (and the Easy Solution)

If you've been feeling fatigued and low on energy lately, what happened to my patient Ben might also be happening to you. Take a look...

Ben is an 82-year-old man who has always been athletic and in great shape. But recently, he's felt so fatigued that he couldn't even go for his daily walks. And the cause of Ben's fatigue could easily happen to you or your friends.

Get Ready for a Surprise...

When I tested Ben's blood I found him to be severely anemic with very few red blood cells. As you know, red blood cells carry the oxygen to our muscles and organs — so Ben's body was in a state of oxygen deficiency. No wonder he felt horrible!

After a bit more probing, I discovered that Ben's blood cells were nearly depleted of iron. (This is serious, because red blood cells need iron in order to carry oxygen.) But how did he get this way? You might be stunned by the answer...

Ben had been taking an acid reflux medication for the past two years.

Normally, this is a treatment for heartburn or ulcers — but his doctor was prescribing it because one of Ben's other drugs is known to cause ulcers. The doctor prescribed it to (hopefully) avoid the problem.

You see, this drug works by halting the body's production of stomach acid. And that's why Ben was so low on iron. (Iron can't be absorbed without stomach acid.)

Doctors Have Known About This Danger for Years!

The irony is that in many cases these acid-reducing drugs aren't needed. That's because most of the time reflux and heartburn aren't caused by excess stomach acid. The real culprits are too much coffee ... sodas (especially colas) ... excess alcohol ... and NSAID medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Stop these and the reflux problem usually goes away.

God put stomach acid in our stomachs for a reason. Get rid of it and serious health problems (such as Ben's) will happen. In fact...

Too Little Stomach Acid Is Bad for You!

A common cause of heartburn and reflux is too little stomach acid (called hypo-chlorhydria). This is because acid protects your stomach against pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Too little of it can result in an overgrowth of these nasty organisms which cause symptoms which resemble heartburn.

There's a simple, natural solution for both of these problems (which I describe in this Special Report). Just follow my easy directions and in a short time you'll be able to enjoy coffee and alcohol without the pain and misery of acid reflux!

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A New Cure for Diabetic Foot Problems!

If you — or someone you love — have diabetes, you probably know that foot problems are a very serious (and painful) complication that often leads to amputation.

Such was the condition of my patient George, a 70-year-old, Type 2 diabetic who hasn't taken very good care of himself. As a result, he suffered from nerve pain (neuropathy) and had a nasty open wound on his foot.

George could no longer walk on the foot because of the pain — and his situation was getting desperate. His doctors had decided to amputate the infected foot.

That's When He Came to See Me

Instead of losing his foot, George is now walking again.

His wondrous turnaround began within the first two weeks of my treatment — and it only took about 5 months for a full recovery. And George experienced improvements every step of the way.

What saved his foot was a new therapy called FlexPulse.

FlexPulse uses pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to greatly improve blood circulation. This reduces pain and stimulates nerve repair in a matter of a few weeks.

In fact, it can completely heal many diabetic foot problems — a feat conventional medicine still can't accomplish!

My Special Report explains how FlexPulse works, so I won't take up the space here. Let me just say that diabetics are highly susceptible to many diseases — including cancer, heart disease, vision loss and nerve damage — because of poor circulation. This can get so bad that gangrene can develop and require amputation.

FlexPulse also stimulates the growth of new blood vessels (extremely important for diabetic foot problems) which restores circulation and helps repair and restore the tissue there.

He Was Better in Just Two Weeks!

It certainly worked for George. Within two weeks of beginning FlexPulse treatments, the wound on his foot began to close up. In a matter of months he was walking again.

Conventional medicine can do little for a foot that's on the verge of amputation. Yet, FlexPulse saved and healed George's foot. And it can work for you or a loved one, too.

FlexPulse is a small, inexpensive device that you can own — and share with your friends. I hope you'll send for this complimentary Report so you can see all the details (including how you can own one of these wonderful devices).

Free Report #14
How Every Man Can Stay Safe from Prostate Cancer

Did you know that two-thirds of all men over 60 already have prostate cancer?

Are you shocked? The fact is, most men die with the condition — not from it. This is because their bodies are able to hold the cancer in check.

Problems only develop when a man's body loses control of his cancer (which is signaled by a rise in his PSA score).

Anything that prevents a rise in PSA is likely helping to control the growth of prostate cancer. And this is exactly what my "prostate protection program" is designed to do — even in men who have already been diagnosed.

Fish Oil Lowers PSA Scores Dramatically!

In the study (published in the prestigious British Journal of Nutrition), researchers selected a group of men with PSA levels of less than 2.5. Some of the men were given a daily fish oil supplement, while others got a capsule of CoQ10 (100 mg). Still others received a placebo.

At the end of 12 weeks, the results were amazing. The fish oil had lowered the PSA levels dramatically (average decrease: 30%) — and the CoQ10 worked even better (average decrease in PSA: 33%).

Furthermore, the longer the men took the fish oil and CoQ10, the lower their PSA score dropped. This means that the higher their blood levels of these nutrients climbed, the lower their PSA levels went.

How My Patients Duck Prostate Cancer

Even though this study is new, I've been using these two superstar supplements in my very successful "prostate protection program" for quite a while.

This Special Report contains the full details of my supplement program for preventing prostate cancer — as well as how to reverse the cancer if you've already been diagnosed.

In addition, this Report describes my do-it-yourself program for men who are newly diagnosed with the cancer. It's safe, simple, easy and inexpensive. Following these steps could save you from unnecessary surgery and drug treatments — and the side effects they cause because...

In men with an early diagnosed cancer and a Gleason score of 6 or less, my program has stopped the cancer in 90% of all cases. God gave every man a prostate, but not an "owner's manual" for keeping it healthy. This Special Report is the guide every man needs. I hope every man (and those who love him) sends for it right away!

Free Report #15
How to Save Your Liver (While There's Still Time!)

A lot of people are worried about their bellies getting fatter these days. But I think they should be much more concerned about the fat in their liver. (And there's a direct link between the two, which I'll explain below.)

Liver disease is one of the most serious medical problems doctors are seeing these days — and it starts as a fatty liver.

One-in-five Americans has the condition — and it's rapidly becoming an epidemic.

The good news is you can easily prevent liver disease — and completely cure a fatty liver if you catch it early enough. (I explain how in this Special Report.)

Why Your Liver Is So Important

Besides filtering out harmful toxins (including medications, pollution, pesticides, GMO foods, chemicals, etc), your liver also regulates your glucose (blood sugar) levels. So a sick, fat liver can raise your blood sugar and cause cravings for sweets (which further increases the liver's fat content).

The bottom line? Scientists associate how healthy you will be — and how long you live — with how well your liver functions.

How Your Liver Gets "Fatty"

Your liver becomes "fatty" when you consume too many carbohydrates (especially sugar and sweets) — and when you over-indulge in alcohol.

So, to avoid a fatty liver, just follow these rules: Don't overeat. Get regular exercise. And keep your intake of carbohydrate foods and drinks to a minimum. But that's not all you can do...

There's also a wonderful supplement called quercetin which can prevent a fatty liver — and reverse the condition if you already have one. It also protects your liver from excessive alcohol consumption and hepatitis viruses. (I'll tell you all about it in this Special Report.)

Recently, researchers fed a typical Western diet (lots of carbs) to lab mice for 20 weeks. They also gave half the mice a daily dose of quercetin — and a remarkable thing happened.

After only 8 weeks, all the markers indicating a fatty liver decreased in the mice that received the quercetin. By week 20, things were even better. Their insulin levels were down. Their liver fat decreased. And they were losing weight, despite their fattening diet. This was really extraordinary!

Quercetin Turns Off "Fat Genes!"

The typical Western diet turns on certain genes in liver cells that cause fat accumulation. But quercetin turns them off — and completely normalizes your genetic response. This means...

Quercetin is able to shield your liver from the effects of a bad diet — and it even protects your liver from excess alcohol! Look at this...

In another study, researchers fed a very large dose of alcohol to a group of rats every day for 3 months. They also gave a quercetin supplement to half of them. Here's what they found...

The animals that didn't get the quercetin developed liver disease, while those receiving it were completely protected!

Certain medications also damage your liver — and the list of them is way too long to detail here. So please send for my Report to see if any of the ones you're taking are included.

3 Reasons Why You Need This Report:

1. Your liver is under constant siege — from viruses, bad diets, medications, pesticides, fungicides, and chemicals in the air, food, and water.

2. It gets worse as you get older. That's because all this constant exposure takes a toll on your poor liver. So it needs all the help you can give it.

3. Few doctors are concerned with liver health — so your liver probably isn't getting the care and protection it needs. Trust me on this. Take care of your liver and it will take care of you. Order this Special Report today to learn how to do it right. It's yours with my compliments.

Free Report #16
This Chinese Sleep Secret Works Like a Charm!

A good night's sleep is the best medicine there is. Why? Because that's when your body heals and repairs itself — and when your energy gets renewed.

Unfortunately, too many of us don't sleep well — and our health suffers as a result.

The Insomnia Cure You'll Want to Try Immediately

Insomnia (which is difficulty falling asleep or awakening after sleeping for a brief time), is a widespread problem these days. If you're afflicted with it, you'll definitely want to send for this Special Report, because it can end your insomnia for good.

It describes a natural solution that I developed with my good friend Dr. Isaac Eliaz, an MD and expert on Chinese medicine. The remedy uses an herb named honokiol (sounds like Pinocchio) which Chinese doctors have used successfully for centuries to cure various mental problems, including depression.

It Works Like Today's Bestselling Sleep Aids — Only It's Much Safer!

Honokiol works by stimulating the GABA receptor on your brain cells. (GABA is a natural, calming neurotransmitter made by our bodies.) Its active ingredient induces relaxation and deep sleep just like the drugs Valium, Xanax and Ambien do — but without their adverse side effects (such as dementia) and the risk of addiction.

Additionally, this Chinese herb possesses strong anti-inflammation properties — and has been shown to protect against cancer in laboratory studies. Not only does it help you get to sleep and stay asleep, but it also restores your brain's balance so restful sleep becomes your new normal.

In this way, our sleep remedy offers you a permanent cure, instead of just a temporary fix.

End Your Tossing and Turning

Dr. Eliaz and I have combined honokiol with a few other tried-and-true "sleep herbs" which have proven themselves in carefully conducted clinical studies. The result is a sleep remedy that works like a charm!

This natural sleep remedy helps you fall asleep faster ... sleep deeper ... and stay asleep, with fewer awakenings.

How to Try Some Now

Only one place. My Special Report also tells how you can sample our new sleep remedy — with the guarantee that it will work for you or you won't pay a penny for it.

So, if you've been plagued by sleep problems, this is the answer to your anguished prayers. Please order my complimentary Special Report right away to learn all the details.

Free Report #17
This "Fruit" Stops Diabetes and Cancer Simultaneously

I love it when I find a natural compound that throws a "monkey wrench" in the cancer process! (There are quite of few of them, as my regular readers already know.)

This Special Report describes one of the very best. It's an unusual fruit from Asia that starves cancer cells as efficiently as powerful chemo drugs (even hard-to-kill pancreatic cancer cells!) — but it is so much safer.

This fruit, called "bitter melon," is a favorite of the Japanese population of Okinawa, where people live longer (and have less cancer) than anywhere else on the planet. Many people believe bitter melon is one of the reasons.

Its Juice Is Deadly to Cancer Cells

Even diluted, the juice of bitter melon is able to kill nearly 100% of the cancer cells it comes in contact with. This means it is more lethal than most chemo drugs!

It does this by literally starving cancer cells of the blood sugar (glucose) they need to survive. (Glucose, you see, is like fertilizer to tumors.)

Because of its ability to lower blood sugar, bitter melon also is excellent for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Where to Find the Best Source

You can find bitter melon supplements at most health food stores and online. Unfortunately, the potency and quality of these products are often unreliable.

My Report reveals how and where to find the real McCoy in its natural form and full potency — and explains how to prepare it and enjoy it so you're getting the optimal benefits.

Isn't it good to know that you can defeat cancer and diabetes with this delicious "natural medicine?" My Report has all the details — so be sure to order my complimentary copy right away!

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This Device Multiplies the Benefits of Any Exercise!

This ingenious invention produces such profound strength and fitness results that it's regularly used by the U.S. Olympic teams ... NASA astronauts ... the Mayo Clinic ... NFL and NBA trainers ... and the world's most exclusive assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers.

Talk about a miracle fitness machine! Just look at what this amazing device can do for you...

  • Lifting weights while standing on it produces massive increases in muscle size and strength.

  • Performing yoga postures on it greatly increases flexibility.

  • It reduces your weight and body fat twice as fast as cardio and weightlifting combined.

  • It can greatly improve your balance so you're less likely to fall and injure yourself.

It halts and reverses dangerous age-related muscle loss (called sarcopenia). Merely standing on it increases the strength and density of your bones so they become "fracture-resistant!"

Good, Good, Good Vibrations!

Why? Because it means that people of any age can reap tremendous health and fitness benefits from even the most modest of efforts — because the device does most of the work for you. Here's how...

You see, your muscles stay toned and strong depending on how often they contract. This device is a platform you stand on which produces waves of vibration energy that make your muscles rapidly contract and relax.

Simply standing on it engages about 90% of your muscle fibers simultaneously. (Lifting weights and other exercises use only about 20% of your muscle fibers.)

In doing so, the device causes your body's postural muscles to contract anywhere from 25 to 50 times a second.

Multiple Benefits from Minimal Effort

These contractions increase muscle strength and flexibility. They also improve bone density and range of motion ... boost circulation ... reduce pain and soreness ... and promote faster recovery (due to increased circulation).

And that's just from standing on it! When you perform an exercise on the platform, those effects are greatly multiplied!

That's why I believe this device is ideal exercise for us as we age — or if we've lost full mobility. And a recent research study proves it. Look at this... The study looked at older adults who weren't able to perform conventional exercises as well as they used to. One group used the vibrating platform, while another group used regular strength training.

When the researchers compared each group's ability to perform daily activities (such as standing up from a chair, climbing stairs, and maintaining balance), the group using the vibrating platform scored a 50% better improvement than the group that exercised conventionally. That's pretty impressive!

Even better, the group using the platform improved the speed of their reaction time (the other group showed no improvement). This is important because reaction time is crucial in preventing a fall. In fact, another study found older women who used the platform for just a few minutes 3 times a week dramatically reduced their incidence of falls!

More Than 180 Studies Confirm Its Superiority to Conventional Exercise!

NASA is so impressed that it has installed the device on its space stations so astronauts don't lose muscle and bone mass while on extended missions.

And speaking of bone mass, this is where the platform really shines. Here's how...

Many of your muscles, you see, are attached to bone. So, when the platform's vibrations contract your muscles, they also gently torque your bones, stimulating your bone-building cells (called osteoblasts) to lay down new bone tissue. (This also makes your bones more flexible and less likely to fracture.)

In one study, women who used the platform actually increased their hip bone density! In contrast, the other women in the study who performed conventional weight bearing exercise only slowed their bone loss — they didn't reverse it. (Most other types of exercise won't, either.) And here's another benefit you'll love...

Makes You More Flexible In Just 60 Seconds!

Most of us lose flexibility as we age. We wake up feeling stiff — and often stay that way all day. I was astonished to discover how quickly this vibration platform can improve this, too.

When I was undecided about purchasing one of these for our home, the salesman asked me to perform a simple test... First, he asked me to stand on the floor, bend at the waist, and touch my toes. (I knew I wouldn't be able to reach my toes — and I was right.)

Then he asked me to put my right foot on top of the vibrating platform base and lunge forward for 30 seconds. Next, he asked me to do the same with my left foot.

Finally, he asked me to step back and try to touch my toes again. To my utter amazement, I was able to touch my toes for the first time in years — after just 60 seconds on the platform. I was sold on the spot!

I Urge You to Look Into This...

Since that day, my wife and I never go one day without exercising on our platform. I've made some pretty impressive strength gains — and I've slimmed down my tummy and actually have the beginning traces of a "sixpack." (Something I never thought I'd see at my age.)

My wife Judy says she's much more flexible in yoga class. (And I love how she looks in a swimsuit!)

Because so many people have had such a great experience with this remarkable device (including us) — and because so much positive research that's been done on it — I've written a Special Report that brings you more info and health benefits.

I'm happy to send you a complimentary copy of my Report How (which includes where you can purchase one at a very generous discount) when you try a 2-year subscription to my Second Opinion newsletter.

Free Report #19
Cure Erectile Dysfunction Without Taking Testosterone

A lot of men and their doctors believe that the best way to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) is with testosterone therapy. But they are mistaken — and a new study proves it...

Researchers selected a group of men with ED (aged 60-74) and divided the men into 3 groups. They gave the first group testosterone therapy. They gave the second group a combination of two littleknown forms of the nutrient L-carnitine. The third group got a placebo.

Before, during and at the end of the 6-month study, the researchers measured the men's ability to gain and maintain an erection. Here's what they discovered.

Stronger, Longer-Lasting Erections!

The group taking the L-carnitine had stronger erections than the testosterone group — and their erections lasted longer! But that's not all...

While the testosterone group experienced a significant enlargement of their prostate glands, there was no increase in the L-carnitine group.

Nor was there a rise in their PSA levels. In addition, the men who received the L-carnitine showed important improvements in their cardiovascular function — as well as a favorable increase in their lean muscle mass and a loss of body fat. (These are the same heart benefits seen with testosterone therapy.) The men in the L-carnitine group also experienced improvements in their moods (less depression) and energy levels (decreased fatigue).

Ordinary L-Carnitine Won't Work!

While L-carnitine is widely available in supplement form without a prescription (unlike testosterone), these two obscure forms of the nutrient used in the study are more difficult to locate. Fortunately, my Report not only identifies these lesser-known forms, but also lists a convenient source that already has combined them into one product. So please don't hesitate to request your complimentary copy. You'll love what it does for your love life!

Free Report #20
The Secret Health and Beauty Benefits of Chocolate

Doctor's orders: Keep eating chocolate, ladies! Why? Because it's good for your health — but now there's more good news. It also can make you look younger! Here's the story...

Believe it or not, scientists have discovered that chocolate is a trueblue "wrinkle destroyer." To prove it, they took a group of adult women with visible facial wrinkles and gave half of them a chocolate drink containing 320 mg of cocoa flavanols everyday for 24 weeks. (The other half of the group received a fake chocolate drink.)

At the beginning and at the end of the experiment, the researchers measured and recorded the "facial wrinkle status" of each woman – and they discovered a surprising result...

The women on the real chocolate drink displayed a significant decrease in their wrinkle measurements, compared to those on the fake chocolate!

What's the Anti-Wrinkle Ingredient In Chocolate?

The researchers concluded that regular consumption of chocolate had a positive effect on facial wrinkles and elasticity in adult women — even on sun-damaged skin. Isn't that wonderful?

We've known for a long time that chocolate is good for you. In fact, some cultures have regarded chocolate as the "food of the gods."

You see, what makes chocolate so healthful is the cocoa flavanols it contains. (Cocoa flavanols are special flavonoids found only in the beans of the cacao plant. They are potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and immune-strengthening phytonutrients.)

Several research studies have demonstrated the ability of cocoa flavanols to boost libido ... protect the body against tumors ... lower bad cholesterol levels ... improve blood pressure ... enhance brain function ... and even help regular chocolate eaters live longer. Amazing, right?

How Much Should You Consume Every Day?

You'll receive these health benefits by eating 100 grams of a good dark chocolate daily. This will give you about 53 mg of flavanols.

But to get the wrinkle-reducing amount of cocoa flavanols (320 mg) confirmed by the skin study mentioned above, you'd need to eat about 4 dark-chocolate bars every day — totaling nearly 720 calories a day!

And if you ate milk chocolate, the daily calorie total would skyrocket to 1,700! That's not a very "healthful" option, is it?

So, Is There A Better Way?

Indeed, there is! You can now purchase a special cocoa powder (named in my Special Report) which is loaded with cocoa flavanols. It comes in individual packets that contain 375 mg of cocoa flavanols — yet only 28 calories.

You simply mix one packet in milk, water, or add it to a smoothie. Drink it daily, as the ladies in the wrinkle study did, and watch your skin become "younger looking" before your very eyes!

You can read all about this yummy new way to improve your health and appearance in my Special Report — including how to order a personal supply online or by telephone.

Just think: You'll get better health, longer life and younger-looking skin at the same time. That's what I call a "really sweet deal." You'll be truly fascinated — so send for my free Report right away!

And remember: all these Special Reports are yours to keep with my compliments just for trying a no-risk subscription to my Second Opinion newsletter. And I'll guarantee your 100% satisfaction with each and every issue!

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Deadly Medical Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Comedian Joan Rivers went to the doctor for some routine elective surgery. During the surgery, she stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest. Several days later, she was dead.

According to news reports, her doctors made some horrifying blunders. They also engaged in inappropriate behavior, like taking a "selfie" of Rivers while she was on the operating table. And when the anesthesiologist expressed concern, the surgeon reportedly dismissed her as being "paranoid" and said "you're being such a curious cat."

Sadly, this type of behavior is not that uncommon. Some 98,000 Americans die each year from medical errors and accidents. Another 99,000 die from infections they acquired in the hospital. And still another 128,000 die from drugs that are not properly prescribed. That's 325,000 deaths a year that are directly caused by doctors and hospitals!

That's why I've written this Special Report. In it, you'll discover how to protect yourself from these dangers. Flip through the pages to learn life-saving secrets like these:

  • The one type of pharmaceutical drug that accounts for 75% of all drug deaths! What to avoid.

  • Why choosing the wrong doctor to do your colonoscopy can kill you. How to tell the good doctors from the bad ... just by asking one simple question.

  • The most surprising source of germs in a hospital room. Just as dangerous as unwashed hands or tainted equipment, yet hospitals never clean it.

  • Having outpatient surgery? Before doing so, make sure the outpatient center answers "yes" to this question. Can save your life!

  • When you should fire your doctor...even if he's "the best in his field." Doesn't matter how impressive his credentials are; if he does this you're better off finding someone else.

  • What you should NEVER do before surgery. Doing so slows recovery and can even result in amnesia!

  • How to "precondition" your body and make yourself virtually immune to hospital acquired infections. Simple treatment you can do at home.

  • And much more!

A Treasury of Healing Secrets

This Bonus Report is a collection of little-known cures for dozens of health problems, big and small. For example:

  • How to hold onto your teeth for life. This littleknown mineral (not calcium or magnesium) strengthens the bones around your teeth. Essential for preventing age-related tooth loss. Here's an easy way to get just the right amount.

  • The common but unhealthy food ingredient that saps your energy. And takes 9 months to be eliminated from your body! Avoid it at all's how.

  • Cure carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery. This natural remedy erases the pain and irritation in over 90% of cases in just a few weeks. Available at any health food store.

  • What you must take in addition to lysine if you have cold sores or other herpes. This is as close to a permanent cure as anything yet discovered.

  • The only two sweeteners you should ever use if you are pre-diabetic or have diabetes. (Hint: not saccharin, aspartame or Splenda®.)

  • How to get rid of your migraine headaches for good! Try this simple trick at home. Costs nothing ... and can eliminate your migraines in as little as 4- 6 weeks.

  • How to cure Lyme disease when antibiotics aren't working. Just killing the bacteria is dead wrong. Here's what to do instead to get better fast.

  • How doctors saved a woman's life by cutting off her hair! The common household item that made her deathly ill ... and how you can avoid the same danger.

  • Why you still need vitamin D supplements even if you live in Hawaii and spend plenty of time outdoors. See your free report for how much to take and in what form.

  • How to enjoy water that's even healthier than the "mineral" or "spring water" you buy at the store. Costs a lot less, too.

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Dr. Frank Shallenberger, M.D.

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