LSU researchers realized that stents could release beneficial agents into the blood, allowing the stents to offer more than just structural support. So they are studying stents with two powerful antioxidants found in red wine: resveratrol and quercetin. These healing agents can help keep blood from clotting and clogging up the arteries as well as lower levels of inflammation.

Summer is almost here. And that means it’s time for a lot of people to be concerned about AKs. AKs, short for actinic keratoses, are those scaly skin lesions that appear on the face and hands of men and women with fair skin. They are caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. And here’s the problem with AKs. Not only do they look bad, they also can turn into two different kinds of skin cancer. So, how do you prevent AKs? The prevailing wisdom is with sunscreen. But, as you will see, that’s far from a perfect approach. So, this month I am going to describe several other natural and safe ways to stop these nasty skin lesions from ruining your day.

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