Vitamin E's Superstar Cousin: Proves In Scientific Studies That It Can:

— Lower Total Cholesterol
— Lower "Bad" LDL
— Raise "Good" HDL
— Lower Triglycerides
— Lower C-Reactive Protein
— And Raise CoQ10

Until now, if you wanted to lower your cholesterol you only had a few choices.

You could go on a strict, boring diet. You could exercise regularly. You could take conventional therapies, which have nasty side-effects. Or, you could try natural remedies like fish oil, garlic, lecithin, gugulipid, niacin, krill oil and policosanol.

Sure, some of these natural remedies work well. But not for everyone. And you have to take some of these products for a long time before you see any benefit.

Well, if you tried any of the above and were disappointed with the results or the difficulty, I have great news. There's a great new way to help lower your cholesterol.

This new way works better than all of the above because:  

  1. Unlike diet and exercise, it's not hard to do.

  2. Unlike conventional therapies, it doesn't deplete your body of CoQ10 (In fact, it actually increases CoQ10.) And…

  3. Unlike most natural remedies, it works better and faster.

Even more surprising, this proven way to lower your cholesterol remains largely unknown even though studies show it actually:1

  • Boosts your body's CoQ10 levels as much as 20%…

  • Cuts TOTAL cholesterol by 15%…

  • Slashes "bad" LDL cholesterol by 15%…

  • Raises "good" HDL cholesterol by 4-8%…

  • Reduces dangerous blood TRIGLYCERIDES by 20-25%

So What Is This Superstar Nutrient?

It's called tocotrienol (toe-co-try-en-all) and it's a cousin of vitamin E.

You probably know that vitamin E is good for your heart and arteries. But tocotrienols go much further than regular vitamin E.

Why? Because they have a slightly different structure. The nucleus of vitamin E and tocotrienols are both the same. But the difference is the side chain or "tail" of the molecule.

You see, the tails of tocotrienols are 30% shorter. That's what gives them special healing properties. A longer tail would firmly anchor into your cell membranes, while a shorter tail doesn't anchor as deeply. This makes the tocotrienol molecule more mobile. As a result, this molecule moves easily from one cell to the next. And that means it moves throughout your body to protect your heart and arteries.

Bottom line: tocotrienols deliver SIX kinds of critical protection for your heart and arteries.

It's the kind of protection you won't find in any other cholesterol therapy. But don't take my word for it. Let me prove to you why tocotrienols can help you manage your cholesterol numbers.

1 Tocotrienols help maintain healthy cholesterol levels while they actually boost your CoQ10 levels

As a savvy reader of health information, you may know that the cholesterol in your diet plays only a small role in your cholesterol levels.

After all, the liver produces 80% of your body's cholesterol — about 1,000 milligrams a day. The other 20% comes from the foods you eat. So, yes, cholesterol in your diet has little impact.

Now, your liver uses an enzyme called HMG co-reductase to manufacture cholesterol in your body. In fact, it is this very enzyme that conventional therapies target to lower your cholesterol. Well, what makes tocotrienols so remarkable is that they inhibit this enzyme without blocking your body's production of CoQ10. That's because of its special "tail." The tail you learned about earlier. Tocotrienols inhibit the HMG enzyme differently than conventional therapies, so CoQ10 production is not compromised.

Indeed, as I mentioned earlier, a recent study found that tocotrienol actually raised participants' CoQ10 levels an average of 20% because of this special "tail." That's the equivalent to you taking 10-20 mg daily of CoQ10 as a supplement.

As far as I know, tocotrienols are the only heart-healthy nutrient in the world that can potentially boost CoQ10 within your body.

Remember - this is just the first of six ways tocotrienols protect your heart and arteries. So, let me show you why…

2 Tocotrienols can cut your total cholesterol faster than any natural remedy I've ever seen

As I mentioned, tocotrienols work by reducing the enzyme HMG co-reductase, which is the source of 80% of all cholesterol in your body. As a result, they can lower your total cholesterol more quickly than any natural remedy.

The good news gets better. Much better.

3 Tocotrienols eliminate more "bad" LDL cholesterol

LDL is considered the "bad" cholesterol because if you have too much LDL in your bloodstream, it can stick to the walls of your arteries. This buildup of plaque causes hardening of the arteries, where the artery walls become narrow, making it harder for blood to circulate.

And that's why the more LDL you have, the more cholesterol is in circulation, and the greater your risk of a serious coronary "event." An event brought on by artery-clogging plaque that often has NO symptoms.

Now, it's estimated that a 1% drop in LDL levels reduces your overall risk of a heart "event" by 2%. Aware of this relationship, most conventional doctors prescribe conventional treatments for patients with high cholesterol.

But I am opposed to therapies that have the potential to harm, when there are safe, natural, effective alternatives available.

And one such remarkable alternative is tocotrienols. In several studies, patients taking tocotrienols saw an improvement in their LDL levels in as little as two weeks. And, most saw a 15-20% reduction in their LDL levels in only 30-days. That's significant.

But that's not all the heart-helping benefits you get with tocotrienols. Far from it! Now, check out how…

4 Tocotrienols help your body make more "good" HDL cholesterol

HDL, the so called "good" cholesterol, has the most important job. It removes excess LDL from your blood and scrubs plaque deposits off your artery walls.

What's more, HDL carries this excess cholesterol back to the liver, so your body can eliminate it. This guy is a true lifesaver because its job is to sweep out your arteries like a roto-rooter, which is why you can never have too many.

Fact is, the higher your HDL levels-the more protection you have against serious heart problems. But here's the problem: Unless you exercise regularly, it is very difficult to raise your HDL levels.

Fortunately, tocotrienols can boost your HDL levels. Here's the proof: Participants in several studies used 100 mg of this natural wonder to boost their "good" HDL cholesterol numbers by 4-8%. This is a significant increase.

It is significant because for every 1% increase in HDL, your risk of a heart "event" drops 3-4%. So if tocotrienols raise your HDL cholesterol numbers by 5 percent, your risk of a major heart event drops by 15-20%. That's huge.

But when it comes to the benefits of this heart-helping nutrient, the best is still yet to come.

5 Tocotrienols reduce triglycerides — the dangerous blood fats

Triglycerides are another type of blood fat that is dangerous.

In high amounts, triglycerides make the blood more sluggish and less capable of transporting oxygen, particularly through the smallest blood vessels. More importantly, they are often linked to low HDL levels.

So, the more triglycerides you have, the more fat there is in your system to plug up your blood vessels. Not surprisingly, people with normal cholesterol levels can still have a major heart "event" if their triglycerides are too high.

Furthermore, triglycerides are also a huge marker for something else. Insulin resistance. If you have high triglyceride levels (over 150 milligrams/deciliter,) you are at serious risk for insulin resistance.

You'll be happy to know that tocotrienols process dangerous fatty triglycerides more efficiently than other cholesterol-lowering supplements.

Even better, participants in various studies were able to reduce blood triglycerides by a whopping 20-25 percent! That strongly suggests tocotrienols can improve your insulin resistance.

As if all the benefits I've told you so far are not enough, tocotrienols deliver another unexpected benefit to protect your heart and arteries.

6 Tocotrienols reduce c-reactive protein — an important inflammation marker

As you may know, c-reactive protein is a possible contributor to inflammation in blood vessel walls. Inflammation increases the rate at which artery-clogging plaque develops.

The studies I've mentioned throughout this letter also followed c-reactive protein levels. They found that tocotrienols decreased 20-50%. For regular vitamin E to do the same, you would need approximately 800-1,200 IU per day. So tocotrienols were many times more effective at reducing CRP than vitamin E. Astonishing, isn't it?

Astonishing that one powerhouse nutrient can help you conquer all six major threats to your heart. And you can do it -- without strenuous exercise, changes in diet or dangerous conventional therapies. And many other scientific studies support this conclusion too.2,3,4

Because I'm so impressed with the great results of tocotrienols, I've asked the folks at Advanced Bionutritionals to carry Delta-Fraction Tocotrienols.

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Delta Fraction Tocotrienols

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In all my 42 years of treating patients and researching, I've yet to see a natural remedy as effective as Delta-Fraction Tocotrienols to help…

  • Lower total cholesterol…

  • Lower LDL cholesterol…

  • Lower triglycerides…

  • Lower c-reactive protein…

  • Increase your protective HDL cholesterol, and…

  • Increase your body's natural production of CoQ10…

…for a healthy heart and circulatory system.

Imagine. You can finally get ALL these health benefits from one heart-helping nutrient. ALL at the same time. And ALL without blocking your CoQ10!

If you've come this far, I think you'll agree I've given you several good reasons to give this proven product a chance to work for you. So do yourself a big favor.

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To your transformed health,

Dr. Frank Shallenberger

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