3 Nobel-Prize-Winning Breakthroughs That Work Together to Make Memory Problems a Thing of the Past

If you suffer from memory problems, then this may be the most exciting news you read this year

Not long ago, Rita Levi-Montalcini celebrated her 103rd birthday. During the festivities, she made a speech. And in that speech, she said: “my mental capacity is greater today than when I was 20.”
Normally when I read a story like this, I smile and I say “God bless her.” And then I turn the page. But in this case, I took Rita’s comments very seriously. And so did the rest of the medical world.

You see, Rita was no ordinary senior citizen. She was a famous doctor who devoted her life to studying the human brain. In fact, her brain discoveries were so important that they earned her the Nobel Prize in medicine!

A Discovery That’s Changing the World

Dr. Levi-Montalcini won the Nobel Prize for discovering a protein called nerve growth factor (NGF). Since her discovery, hundreds of studies have been done on NGF. These studies show that NGF has a whole host of benefits:

It reverses age-related memory loss and cognitive decline. It helps with the survival and maintenance of brain cells. It protects and repairs damaged brain cells. And it prevents your brain from shrinking as you get older.


One study showed it worked even for patients who had severe brain shrinkage. In the study, scientists first had the patients take MRI scans, which showed that their brains had shrunk significantly. They then implanted capsules that released NGF into the patients’ bodies.

After 12 months, they had the patients take an MRI again. What they found amazed them. They found that NGF was able to block and significantly slow down the brain shrinkage!

A Simple Way to Boost NGF

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to constantly go to the hospital to have a capsule implanted in you. That’s why scientists were hoping to find an easier way to boost NGF levels. So they pored over the medical literature, and examined hundreds of nutrients shown to support brain health.

After carefully analyzing all the nutrients, they shortlisted 33 that looked most promising. They then tested these nutrients against each other. And they found one nutrient that stood head and shoulders above the others at raising NGF levels.

What is this nutrient? It’s an antioxidant called luteolin. Luteolin has been shown to not only boost NGF, but also improve memory and learning ability.

In one study, a group of mice was fed either a luteolin-rich diet or a control diet. After 4 weeks, the mice were put in a water maze. They had to swim through the maze, and find a hidden exit to get out of the maze.

Result? The mice fed luteolin were able to exit the maze much faster than the control group. But what’s really surprising was, the older mice on the luteolin diet did even better than the younger mice!

And that’s not all luteolin does. It also …

Blocks Inflammation and Stops Brain Aging in Its Tracks

If you have memory problems, it could be due to inflammation. Inflammation can give you brain fog and cloudy thinking. It can disrupt your attention and make it harder for you to focus on a task. And it can cause you to suddenly forget names or words you know well.

The good news is, studies show luteolin can block inflammation and stop brain aging in its tracks. Have a look at these studies…

In one study, scientists had a group of mice drink water that contained luteolin. They had another group of mice as a control. After 3 weeks, they injected the mice in both groups with a toxin, which triggered inflammation in their brains.

Result: The mice fed luteolin had much less inflammation in their hippocampus, the brain region where memories are formed and stored! This is astounding, because very few nutrients are able to reach this part of the brain. And luteolin is one of them.

In another study, scientists injected an inflammatory substance into the brains of a group of mice. This in turn destroyed their memory and learning ability.

The scientists then gave the mice luteolin. Result: they saw a huge improvement in the mice’s memory and learning—in just 8 days! When I saw all the data on luteolin, I knew I had to get it to my patients and readers. So I worked with my friends at Advanced Bionutritionals to create a comprehensive memory formula that contains luteolin. It’s called Advanced Memory Formula.

Advanced Memory Formula gives you the right amount of luteolin to boost your NGF levels … keep your brain from shrinking … and protect your brain from inflammation.

But we didn’t stop there. We also took advantage of two other Nobel-Prize-winning breakthroughs…

How to Build a Younger Brain as You Age

For decades, scientists believed it was impossible to build a younger brain. But that all changed when a neuroscientist named Dr. Eric Kandel proved that you can grow new brain cells and rebuild your brain—no matter what your age!

Dr. Kandel won the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking research. Since then, scientists have shifted their focus from “is it possible?” to “how to grow new brain cells.” This led them to another breakthrough discovery. The discovery of an essential compound the brain needs to grow new cells.

What is this compound? It’s called BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor). BDNF is a protein produced by the brain. It plays a vital role in growing new brain cells.

Here’s a study that shows how stunning BDNF is at promoting brain cell growth:

In the study, scientists injected BDNF into some brain cells in a petri dish. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw what happened next. They saw that the brain cells miraculously began to sprout branches! These are the very branches the brain cells need to transmit signals and communicate with other cells.

Could this laboratory result apply in the real world to actual human beings? Well, scientists decided to find out.

Makes You Sharper and Smarter

In one study, scientists first gave a blood test to a group of volunteers to measure their BDNF levels. They then had the volunteers watch a rapidfire lineup of photos that showed the faces and names of people they didn’t know. After a break, they asked the volunteers to recall the names they had just seen.

After the test was completed, the scientists examined the results, along with the data from the blood test. What they found was astonishing. They found that people who did the best, by far, on the memory test were those with the highest levels of BDNF!

In another study, scientists found that people with high levels of BDNF learn vocabulary words 20% faster.

We know that coffee can boost mental performance. And we know that coffee is made from coffee beans, which are the seeds of coffee fruits.

But a group of scientists wondered, could coffee fruits benefit our brain? To find the answer, they decided to conduct a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

First, they had a group of people take a blood test. Then, they gave them either a concentrate made from coffee fruit, or a placebo. After that, they had them re-take the blood test every half hour.

Result? They found that those who took the coffee fruit concentrate saw their BDNF levels skyrocket by 143% — within an hour!

The scientists were blown away by the dramatic effect of the coffee fruit concentrate. They were so excited, they decided to patent this concentrate.

It’s called NeuroFactor™. It is made from the whole fruit of the coffee plant Coffea Arabica. It’s tasteless, odorless, and colorless. And it contains no caffeine.

Advanced Memory Formula gives you 100 mg of NeuroFactor, the same dose used in the studies. In addition to NeuroFactor, Advanced Memory Formula also includes a third nutrient you need to keep your mind sharp like a tack as you age…

How a Night Dream Led to a Stunning Discovery That Supercharges Your Memory

It was the night before Easter Saturday in 1921. A German scientist named Otto Loewi came up with an idea in his dream. When he got up the next morning, he was very excited about his idea. But, to his horror, he couldn’t remember what it was. He thought he had lost the idea for good. But that night, he had the same dream again. It was about a new experiment for his research.

This time, Otto got up immediately, went to his lab, and conducted the experiment like he did in his dream. This led to a discovery that completely changed the scientists thought about the workings of the brain. It was so profound, Otto won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1936.

Today, we know all about this discovery. It’s called acetylcholine.

As you may know, acetylcholine is the messenger that helps your brain cells communicate with each other. It helps you store memories and retrieve them quickly when you need them. It allows you to remember what you walked into a room to get … recall names with ease … remember what you need to buy at the grocery store.

But the problem is, as you get older, your brain makes less acetylcholine. In fact, if you notice that you get “senior moments” more often than before, it’s a tell-tale sign of low acetylcholine.

How to Boost Acetylcholine and Speed up Your Brain Function

One way to boost acetylcholine levels is to take a choline supplement. Choline is the building block your brain needs to make acetylcholine.

The bad news is, choline is not easily absorbed and used by the body. Plus, it often has a fishy smell or taste to it.

But here’s the good news. Scientists recently found a special form of choline that your body can easily absorb and use. What’s more, unlike other forms of choline, it can cross the blood-brain barrier. So it gets into your brain, and works where it counts the most. Plus, it doesn’t have the fishy smell or taste.

What is this special form of choline? It’s called alpha-glycero-phosphocholine, or alpha-GPC for short. When you take alpha-GPC, your brain starts making more acetylcholine — almost instantly! This was shown in a placebo-controlled study.

In the study, scientists gave a group of volunteers a motion sickness drug called scopolamine. Why did they do that? It’s because scopolamine is known to deplete the body’s acetylcholine levels, and cause a condition called “scopolamine amnesia.”

Now here’s where it gets interesting. The scientists gave half of these volunteers alpha-GPC and half of them a placebo. Then, they had them perform a series of memory and attention tests.

What happened? The volunteers taking alpha-GPC didn’t show any sign of memory loss or attention deficits! In fact, they performed even better than before they took scopolamine! That means, alpha-GPC replenished their acetylcholine quickly, and completely blocked the negative effects of scopolamine.

Proven to Work Even on Patients with Severe Mental Decline

Over 20 clinical studies prove that alpha-GPC works. It’s so powerful, it works even on patients with severe mental decline. Here’s proof…

In a large study involving 176 hospitals, 2,044 patients who had severe mental decline after a stroke were given alpha-GPC. Within 28 days, these patients saw a huge improvement in their verbal fluency, awareness, and orientation. Even more stunning, 71% of them showed no cognitive decline or forgetfulness—after 6 months!

But that’s not all. Studies show alpha-GPC also…

But Advanced Memory Formula doesn’t stop there. It contains 9 more brain-boosting superstars to supercharge your memory and mental performance. First is…

The Brain Fuel That Supercharges Your Mental Performance by 44%

Imagine you were given a memory test of 100 questions. You got only 56 right. But then you took a “smart pill,” and took the test again. Your score? A perfect 100!

Sounds unbelievable, I know. But believe it or not, that’s what happened in an Italian study. In the study, 170 patients aged 55 to 80 were given a pill to take daily. After 3 months, they saw their memory and learning ability improve by a whopping 44%! What’s more, they also improved their speech and word association skills.

Stanford Scientists Prove It Can Cut 12 Years Off Your Brain Age!

In a study performed jointly at Stanford and Vanderbilt Universities, scientists tested PS on 149 patients with memory loss. First, they had the patients perform various memory tests. Then, they gave half the patients PS and half a dummy pill. After 12 weeks, they had the patients do the tests again.

Result: Those who took PS saw a huge improvement in their memory, learning, and cognition. They could remember the names and faces of people they never met … find misplaced objects quickly … and recall telephone numbers easily. They could even recall entire paragraphs from memory!

But here’s something even more surprising. While the average age of the patients was 64, the results showed that they had a mental capacity of age 52. That means, their brains were 12 years younger than their actual age!

But the benefits of PS don’t end there…

It Can Stop Stress-Related Memory Problems

When you’re stressed, you become more forgetful. For instance, when you’re running late for an appointment, you’re more likely to forget to bring your wallet or cellphone with you. You may even be more accident-prone.

The good news is, you can relieve your stress and lift your mood—simply by taking PS. In one study, participants reported significant stress relief—after taking PS.

In another study of 425 elderly patients, those who took PS not only had a better memory and learning ability. But they also felt happier and had more interest in their surroundings. What’s more, they also showed improved social and communication skills. That’s amazing!

In all, over 63 clinical studies and 2,800 research papers show PS can restore memory loss, lift mood, and boost mental performance.

That’s why we included 150 mg of PS in Advanced Memory Formula. And we use a PS complex that is easily absorbed and used by your body, so you’ll see results sooner.

In addition to PS, we also added…

The Brain Energizer That Works Even for 100-Year-Olds

You may have heard of L-carnitine. It’s an amino acid that helps your body produce more energy. It energizes your heart, your lungs, your liver, and everywhere in your body.

But the problem is, L-carnitine can’t cross the blood-brain barrier. So to boost energy in your brain, you need another form of L-carnitine. It’s called acetyl-L-carnitine, or ALC for short.

ALC is able to get inside your brain, and give your brain an invigorating energy boost.

The efficacy of ALC has been proven in over 21 double-blind studies. In a Stanford study, patients with serious mental decline became less forgetful—after taking ALC. In another study, patients who took ALC performed 2.8 times better on mental tests than those taking a placebo!

In yet another study, patients over 100 years old were given ALC daily. All of these patients had memory problems. Plus, they also suffered from fatigue and muscle weakness. But after taking ALC for 6 months, they not only improved their mental functions. But also, they had more energy, stronger muscles, and less body fat. That’s incredible for these 100-year-olds! If ALC worked so well for these 100-year-olds with severe mental decline … imagine what it can do for you! And you get a generous 250 mg of ALC in every dose of Advanced Memory Formula. Advanced Memory Formula also contains…

The Berry That Protects Your Brain from Free Radical Damage

You know that berries are good for you. They are rich in antioxidants. But one berry is stronger than all the rest. In fact, USDA scientists found that it has the highest levels of free radical fighters, compared to over 40 fruits and vegetables. Plus, it has 20 times more antioxidant power than tomatoes … and 10 times more than beta-carotene.

Which berry am I talking about? I’m talking about blueberry. Not only do blueberries have more antioxidant power than other berries. But more importantly, they are packed with anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are one of the few classes of antioxidants that can cross the blood-brain barrier. That means, they can get inside your brain … and scrub away any brain rust that may be eating away your memory now.

In addition to anthocyanins, blueberries are also rich in a compound called pterostilbene (pronounced “ter-oh-still-bean”). Research shows pterostilbene is more powerful than resveratrol, because it’s 4 times better absorbed. Plus, it stays in your body up to 7 times longer.

Even more amazing, pterostilbene has the ability to “switch on” the genes that promote a sharper memory. And the ability to switch OFF the genes that speed up brain aging and mental decline.

That’s why I made sure Advanced Memory Formula includes 100 mg of concentrated blueberry extract to help you ward off free radicals.

So far, I’ve told you about 6 clinically proven brain nutrients. If Advanced Memory Formula had only these nutrients, it would be one of the best supplements around. But to make Advanced Memory Formula THE best supplement in the category, and to make sure it covers all the bases, we also added…

6 More Brain-Boosting Superstars to Help You Build a Steel-Trap Memory

Lecithin: Lecithin breaks down fatty deposits and prevents fat build-ups in your brain. By doing so, it helps your brain work better and faster, so you have less memory lapses. In fact, one study found that elderly people who took lecithin cut their “senior moments” in HALF! That’s right, they had half as many senior moments as before.

Bacopa monnieri: This herb has been used by the Indians to boost memory for over 6,000 years. Today, over 14 studies confirm that bacopa really works. One study found that bacopa improved memory and recall ability in people over age 55. Another study found that bacopa helped people grasp new information quicker, and recall it accurately a few days later. And yet another study found that bacopa helped people learn a new skill 40% faster!

Vinpocetine: Vinpocetine is an extract from the periwinkle plant. It boosts blood flow to your brain and improves your circulation. It opens up the tiny capillaries in your brain, so your brain gets more oxygen and vital nutrients it needs to perform optimally.

Over 100 studies on 20,000 people prove that vinpocetine improves memory and brain function. In fact, one study found that vinpocetine improved memory in all of the patients with severe mental decline. That’s a 100% success rate! Advanced Memory Formula gives you 10 mg of vinpocetine, an amount shown to work in studies. But because healthy circulation is so crucial for your brain health, we also added…

Ginkgo biloba: Like vinpocetine, ginkgo also boosts blood flow to your brain. It is one of the world’s most popular remedies for memory problems. And it certainly lives up to its reputation. Over 1,000 studies show it improves memory, thinking, and alertness. One study found you may even see improvements in just one week!

Calcium: You probably know that calcium is a “bone mineral.” But did you know that it’s also a “brain mineral”? It’s true! That’s because your brain needs calcium to form memories. Indeed, a study of 6,000 older patients found that having low calcium levels can lead to memory loss and confusion.

That’s why Advanced Memory Formula gives you just the right amount of calcium to support healthy brain function. Besides calcium, there’s another mineral you need…

Phosphorus: This often-overlooked mineral supports your brain health 3 ways. First, it helps repair cell membranes, which protect and keep your brain cells healthy. Second, it helps maintain healthy brain wiring, so your brain cells can transmit signals better and faster. And third, it helps your brain produce more energy, giving you more mental power.

Altogether, you get 12 brain nutrients in Advanced Memory Formula. Each of them has been clinically proven to boost your memory and brain health.

More importantly, Advanced Memory Formula has worked for tens of thousands of people. It can work for you, too. You can get your memory back and keep your mind sharp at any age.

You can stop brain aging in its tracks by blocking inflammation. You can prevent your brain from shrinking by growing new brain cells. You can even undo the damage done by tau tangles and free radicals.

Imagine how great it will feel to have a healthy memory and mind for life. Imagine how great it will feel to enjoy life without the fear, frustration, and embarrassment of memory lapses. That’s right, no more forgetting what you walked into a room for … what you’re going to say in midsentence … where you parked your car … or where you put your keys, eyeglasses, or cellphone.

Well, that is all possible by simply taking this one single supplement: Advanced Memory Formula.

Try Advanced Memory Formula at the lowest price… and Get FREE shipping too!

If you bought the 12 nutrients in Advanced Memory Formula separately, you could easily spend over $180 a month. And you’d have no guarantee on the quality of these nutrients.

But if you take Advanced Memory Formula, you can rest assured that each of the 12 nutrients in it is of the highest quality possible. Plus, it’s much easier to get these nutrients in one single supplement, rather than having to mix and match them yourself. Or having to take 12 different pills!

And you save money, too…

For the Biggest Savings and the Lowest Price per Bottle, Try the 6-Month Pack…

If you’re really serious about maintaining a healthy memory for the long-run — and saving the most money — then you should try the 6-Month Best-Value Pack.

A 6-month supply is just $199.50. This is by far the best value, because you save $40.20 off the regular price. Plus you get FREE shipping and handling.

Down-to-the-Last-Pill Guarantee

I know how effective Advanced Memory Formula is. And I stand by this amazing formula. In fact, I guarantee Advanced Memory Formula two ways:

Advanced Memory Formula

1. YOU WILL see an improvement in your memory in as little as 3 weeks. Guaranteed or your money back.

2. YOU WILL continue to see dramatic improvements after 3 weeks. That’s because Advanced Memory Formula works for the long term.

If you don’t see any improvement in your memory within 3 weeks … or if you’re not satisfied with Advanced Memory Formula for any reason whatsoever … simply return the empty bottle(s) within 90 days for a full refund of every penny you paid, including shipping and handling. You only pay return shipping. No questions asked, no exceptions, no fine print.

Either you’re absolutely thrilled with the results you get… or you pay nothing.

Order and try this memory supplement absolutely risk free.

Frankly, I think ordering a 6-month supply is a no-lose proposition. Because if you’re not satisfied, you can simply return the empty bottles within 90 days and get all your money back. And if you are satisfied, you get to pay the lowest price per bottle.

In addition to being the best value, a 6-month supply also gives your body time to feel the full effects. That’s why I suggest you take advantage of this offer. But I’ll leave the decision up to you.

Ordering is easy to do. Just follow this link, or call 1-800-791-3395 any time of day or night, 7 days a week.

To your transformed health,

Dr. Frank Shallenberger

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