Volume 11, Issue 60 | July 25, 2014
Taking vitamin D is vital if you
want to avoid diabetes
Vitamin D is no longer an overlooked vitamin. And yet I continue to see patients low in this hormone/vitamin, even in summer, even in those who read my newsletter. This is bad news, as vitamin D deficiency contributes to many major illnesses. Now researchers have linked vitamin D to another health challenge — insulin resistance. That's important for anyone with metabolic syndrome.

In this new study, researchers looked at 741 pregnant women. They found that 0.6% of them were deficient in vitamin D (<25 nmol/L). For women who had gestational diabetes, the risk of severe deficiency (<12.5 nmol/L) was higher. The authors concluded that vitamin D deficiency is linked to insulin resistance.

This is an important finding. Obesity is epidemic. Insulin resistance is a huge part of the problem. As you put on weight, your insulin works less effectively. Your body responds by making more. High insulin as well as high blood sugar is correlated with a host of degenerative diseases from coronary disease to cancer.

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Don't be fooled by the fact that the researchers conducted this study on pregnant women. The fact that severe deficiency was more prevalent if the pregnant women had gestational diabetes tells us there's an intimate association between the two hormones. (Vitamin D is actually more of a hormone than a vitamin.)

There are two morals to this story. God designed humans to be outdoors. Don't think otherwise. And, please get your vitamin D (25 hydroxy vitamin D) level checked. If you are not in the higher range in the summer, that's not a good sign. And the best time to check is in March or April, the end of winter. Even my vitamin D level was low! You'll need to take 5,000 IU of vitamin D daily to get your levels above 75 nmol/L.

"Correlation between vitamin D(3) deficiency and insulin resistance in pregnancy," Maghbooli Z, Hossein-Nezhad A, et al, Diabetes Metab Res Rev, 2007 July 2.

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