Volume 11, Issue 58 | July 18, 2014
Is Plavix any better than aspirin?
The answer might surprise you...
I'm often asked about blood thinning drugs other than Coumadin. Plavix, in particular, is a top selling drug. It's pushed and used to allegedly make your blood platelets (clotting cells) less likely to stick together. The maker of Plavix is Bristol-Meyers Squibb (BMS).

First, Bristol-Meyers Squibb pled guilty a few years ago to making false statements about its drug deals. It is to pay a $1 million criminal fine.

This is amusing. Here, the government and BMS play games with each other over $1 million when the drugs like Plavix are billion-dollar sellers.

So do you need expensive drugs like Plavix? The answer is simple: No. Medical studies have shown that Plavix and similar drugs offer nothing more to you than simple aspirin. And, drug use shows even worse statistics.

Medicine commonly caused thrombolysis after stroke and heart attacks. A meta-analysis in 2002 confirmed what was obvious a decade ago. Using these expensive treatments is not meaningfully better than good medical management after an acute heart attack or stroke. The only real winners are the drug lords, hospitals, and doctors.

If you need a chemical blood thinner and don't want Coumadin, look no further than good ole aspirin. It's far cheaper than its Big Pharma competitors. Yet the costly competitors are what the doctors generally use. Why?

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The answer is why not? They know most of their patients have seen the TV commercials telling them why these products are better than aspirin. If they don't give it to their patients, they have to explain why. They also have drug peddlers in their office schmoozing them on using the patented chemical regardless of its price. The doctor stands to make a nice profit from kick-backs and incentives. And he knows that it will be covered by third-party payers.

Here's another reason why I intensely dislike third parties making medical decisions. Third parties are in large part contributing to the bottomless sinkhole of disease care expenses. In the end, only the legal drug cartel wins. You lose.

As you may know, I'm not a big fan of aspirin either. It causes bleeding in your gut. And can lead to other serious problems. What's more, a study on nattokinase, a nutrient from fermented soybeans, shows that it works exactly like aspirin — and just as well — without any of the side effects. So I recommend Advanced Natto Formula over any chemical sold by the legal drug cartel in this country.

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