Volume 11, Issue 52 June 25, 2014
The real reason fish contain
so much mercury
In the June issue of Second Opinion, I showed how mercury could be one of the major causes of chronic illness – and how to treat the problem. As you may know, one of the major sources of mercury poisoning comes from your dentist in mercury fillings. But your dentist is not your only source of this most toxic of naturally occurring metals. The air you breathe is likely contaminated as well.

It turns out that thousands of pounds of mercury are poured into the air over the United States every year. While coal-fired plants are one source (that is being cleaned up), cement kilns are another largely unregulated source. These are very common in my neck of the woods (northern California). Two of the nation's worst mercury-emitting cement kilns are in the greater Bay area in Northern California. They dump hundreds of pounds of the poison into the air each year. They "help"make the beautiful Bay Area's mercury emissions the highest of any region in California, and double those of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, the next highest.

Two environmental groups for the first time released a figure estimating that U.S. kilns release 23,000 pounds of mercury compounds a year.

My local cement kilns put out a combined 675 pounds of mercury, according to company reporting for 2006, the latest year available. The amount of mercury emitted from each plant equals mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants, the next biggest emitters in the world.

Now you know why you are being warned about fish. Mercury enters the food chain when it falls into bays and oceans and accumulates in big long-lived fish. To give you an idea of how horrific the problem is, scientists tell us that only 0.96 grams dumped into a 20-acre lake can make fish unsafe to eat. Let's translate that into what one local cement company is emitting: Hanson Permanente Cement in Cupertino, CA. This plant released about 500 pounds of mercury compounds in 2006.  One pound is 454 grams. Nearly 500 times worse than the amount needed to contaminate a pond. And that was just in one year.

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The message is that we are in a sea of metal toxicity. And worse, the combined toxic effect of mercury and lead is not additive; it is exponential! A given amount of lead or mercury that kills 1% of animals is called the LD1 for the metal. A study done about 20 years gave animals the LD1 of both metals to animals. No, not 2% of the animals died. It killed 100% of them.

It is for these reasons that I believe that all of us should be on a lifetime of chelation detoxification. You don't need expensive IV therapy. Oral chelation is effective, but slow. I recommend Detoxamin suppositories. You can order them by calling 877-656-4553. When you call, give them the coupon code SAVE. This will get you a 10% discount off the regular price of your entire order. I recommend one 750 mg suppository, three times per week.

In addition to the Advanced Detox Formula I told you about in the June issue, I recommend taking King Chlorella every night. I take 15 tablets every night. Chlorella is great for pulling out metals, including mercury.

Mercury can cause symptoms of every known neurological disease. Ask your elected officials to mandate and enforce restrictions on mercury emissions. Ask your integrative physician to screen you for your individual risk.

Kay, Jane. "EPA urged to control mercury from cement kilns,"San Francisco Chronicle, July 23, 2008.

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