Volume 11, Issue 51 June 20, 2014
Vaccines and neurological disorders -
an interesting story suggests
it's not just the mercury
As you may know, I've beat the drum against vaccines for many years. The evidence that they cause neurological disorders is now quite substantial. For many years, I've talked about mercury and some of the other contaminants that may cause the problems. However, an interesting story out of a meat packing plant may give us another reason vaccines cause problems.

Not too long ago, several people working at pork plants were stricken with a mysterious neurological disorder. They developed inflammation of their spinal cord. Symptoms were weakness, fatigue, and numbness and tingling in the arms and legs. Tests show damage to the nerve roots where they emerge from the spinal cord.

Cases began among workers who were using compressed air to blow the brains out of the skulls of slaughtered pigs. Only people working in plants using this method have had the sickness. Authorities have ruled out an infectious agent that you might get from eating the meat. They think it's more likely to be triggered by an immune response to exposure of the nerve tissue to the workers. The foreign neurological tissue was aerosolized and inhaled. They didn't eat it or properly digest it. That could trigger an immune attack on their nervous systems from inhaled intact nervous-tissue proteins.

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While this is not problematic enough for me to warn you against eating pork, it merits attention. Vaccines are often grown on foreign animal tissue. When they harvest the infectious agent, it's impossible to remove all the native animal proteins. When injected (not eaten and digested), intact foreign proteins could trigger an immune attack in a similar fashion. In fact, you've probably heard of Guillain Barre Syndrome. This is a paralytic condition that afflicted many people after the government-coerced swine flu vaccination program.

Animal proteins are not meant to be inhaled or injected into humans. Please take this as a lesson next time you or a loved one is leaned on for a vaccination. It's no wonder that we are seeing immunological disasters in our youth and elderly populations from vaccines.

Reuters, 4/18/08

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