Volume 11, Issue 47 June 11, 2014
One-third of those over 70 are
losing their memory - you don't
have to be one of them
Did you know that one-third of those over 70 have mental decline? That's a startling figure that is a huge catastrophe in the making. More than five million seniors have problems with memory or just daily activities requiring concentration. Those are the results of a recent study that even surprised the researchers.

This was a federally sponsored study on 856 people at least 71 years old. The researchers found that 22% of them have seen declines in their mental faculties. Other research finds that 12% of these folks will go on to develop full-blown dementia. When you combine these figures with the numbers having dementia and Alzheimer's, the total percentage of seniors with mental impairment reaches about one-third.

Many (about 25%) of these seniors had a chronic medical condition. These included diabetes or heart disease. Of course these are circulatory conditions, which can be an underlying cause of mental decline. The authors suggest exercise and stimulating mental challenges as potential remedies.

With the aging baby boomer population, we are on the brink of a catastrophe. It will be worse for us than our parents. We've been exposed to greater amounts of junk foods and environmental poisons. I continue to urge prevention over treatment. The exercise and mental stimulation can definitely help. Beyond that, you have to eat right. Detox the heavy metals in your body using chelation therapy.

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Consider supplements as supplements only. They are not a replacement for an outstanding diet. If it's hard for you to make change, consider my personal approach. Ask if your activity or what you plan to eat will do something "to" or "for" you now and when you are older. When you consider that, it will be easier to choose the positive side of change.

As for supplements, I recommend Advanced Memory Formula. Even for those who have a sharp mind, it can help keep it sharp and even make it sharper. I have a very sharp memory, but I struggle to remember names. Taking this formula made a huge improvement in my ability to put names with faces. And for those struggling with mental loss, it's a great addition to the above program.

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