Volume11, Issue 44 May 30, 2014

Do vaccinations really provide
a lifetime of protection?

You may have heard a lot in the news lately about new outbreaks of illnesses that we thought were gone. These outbreaks of mumps, measles, and the like shouldn't be happening because of vaccinations, right? Well, they are. And the only defense conventional medicine is giving is that they're happening among people who haven't had the vaccines. Is this true?

Let's look at the mumps outbreak that happened back in 2006. There were 6,584 cases nationwide, mostly in the Midwest. Of those, 85 needed hospitalization. Of course, the CDC claimed there would have been tens of thousands were it not for the vaccine. However, 84% of those between 18-24 who came down with the mumps had the recommended two-dose vaccine.

The author's analysis speaks for itself: "The 2006 outbreak was the first account of a large-scale mumps epidemic characterized by two-dose vaccine failure. Although there was no single explanation for the outbreak, multiple factors may have contributed, including waning immunity, high population density, and contact rates in colleges, and incomplete vaccine-induced immunity to wild virus."

Waning immunity. Don't let that pass by. In the "old" days, we were exposed to a disease and didn't get it again. So it was thought that one pass conferred lifetime immunity. That's being rethought now. In those days, you were re-exposed each time there was a new outbreak. Since your last exposure was only a few years before, your immune system was primed and ready to reinforce itself.

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Now, we get a vaccine, which doesn't confer the same robust immunity. And worse, with the disease largely out of circulation, your immune system doesn't get to reset itself. See, your immune system is not unlike your muscles. Pump iron and you get bulging muscles. But to keep them bulging, you must keep up the exercise. When the infection comes around again, it pumps up your immune system. With no re-exposure, the "muscles" of your immune cells become "flabby."

We are facing an unprecedented catastrophe. A whole generation or more has deficient immunity out the chute, that won't pass the test of time. A return of measles could be a calamity even for those who think they have immunity. Mumps is a benign disease in childhood. But without wild-acquired immunity, children passing into adulthood lose what little protection they have from the vaccine. Mumps in adults can be a big problem. Men can lose function in a testicle.

Please know your options. See past issues or my website for many alternatives to communicable diseases. There are safe ways to treat them effectively — mainly with oxidation therapies and supplements. But you have to know where to find the treatment. I give all of this information on my website: www.secondopinionnewsletter.com.

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