Volume11, Issue 39 May 14, 2014
How parents can reduce their
children's risk of obesity by 75%
I've always said I consider disease to have three major causes: malnutrition, toxins, and stress. I break nutrition into three phases: childhood, early adult, and mid-life. You might wonder, "Childhood?" Well, according to epigenetics, even knowing what you ate as a baby isn't good enough. We know full well that what your mother ate when she carried you has a tremendous impact not only on you today, but on your children and their children as well. But let's get back to childhood.

I, unfortunately, was not breastfed. I really don't know when my mom added solid foods. But if she did so before I was four months old, I'd have (and so would you) a stunning 600% greater probability of becoming obese by age three, than if I was breastfed or solid foods were introduced later. Imagine, in this study, of the 847 infants tracked, 75% became obese by age three!

Though you are well beyond breastfeeding age, this report is relevant. The waist size of our children is exploding. Only about 75% of American babies are breastfed at all. And of those, only half get it for more than four months. I know that you won't be surprised to learn that breast milk protects against infection on its own, and protects against communicable diseases even better than vaccination. This is information you need to relate to your extended family.

At the same time this report was published on infant feeding, a report was published on 4,000 British children. Seems those who eat the most processed foods suffer a small but significant difference in IQ from those who eat the least. Now translate that into a lifetime of "food" God didn't make for us and its impact on your brain!

Most important is the underlying message from Mother Nature. The more we try to defeat what God provided us for our sustenance, the greater our suffering will be. The earlier we stray, the earlier the degeneration begins. I ask you again to always remember this message I've told my patients since 1984: "If God didn't make it, don't eat it!" The day I see formula (or soda) coming down our mountain streams is the day I'll go out to collect it. The day scientists discover Roundup-ready seeds existing in the wild (meaning plants NOT contaminated with Monsanto's Frankencrops) is the day I will knowingly eat it.

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I eat the Living Foods Diet for good reason. Here we see that children eating dead food (formula) suffer considerably. Not only is it dead, but also it's loaded with GMO Frankenfood courtesy of Monsanto, as is most processed foods nowadays.

I do see the overwhelming majority of my patients improve by following the Living Fodds diet. And, almost all, to a tee, admit that no physician, including integrative docs as well, has spent the time and effort to get them to clean up their diet and detoxify. There's no time like the present to learn this message and slow the degeneration most people will eventually go through with age.

I can almost guarantee you that if you would eat as I write in these pages, you'll NEVER have a weight problem. When I graduated high school, I weighed 155 pounds. Today, at 61, my weight is 152. I'm in better shape today than I've ever been in thanks to this diet.

Natural News.com 2-11-11; Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2-8-11.

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