Volume11, Issue 35 April 30, 2014
The one prostate test you must
avoid - and it's not the PSA
For years, I was completely against the PSA test. Then I did an about face when I learned that the PSA is great for measuring inflammation in your prostate. That's about all it's good for, but it's a valuable test when used this way. However, there's another prostate exam that I'm highly unlikely to ever recommend.

The purpose of this new PSA (prostate specific antigen) test is to get you to submit to having holes punched into your prostate to check for cancer. Unlike the regular PSA test, the complexed PSA test (cPSA) is supposedly "less" affected than total (t)PSA by benign changes.

According to study results, a man with an elevated level of cPSA but normal level of tPSA was twice as likely to have prostate cancer as a man with an elevated level of tPSA and normal level of cPSA. My word, scientists calculate that using the cPSA test instead of the tPSA test made it possible to reduce the number of required biopsies by more than 10%.

Sorry scientists. Your conclusions just don't cut it. Why would I be interested in cutting the "required" biopsies" by only 10%? Why even biopsy the gland at all when conventional treatment makes no difference in outcome? And biopsy may make the cancer spread faster and raise other unnecessary fears.

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Most men actually do have prostate cancer. It just doesn't go anywhere in the majority of them. That's why conventional treatment is a scam. I just don't get it at all.

Obviously I'm not rushing out for a test that could lead to a recommendation to drill into my prostate for no proven benefit. Please think about it before you do.

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Journal of Urology, Vol. 175 (4), 1275-1280, April 2006.

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