Volume11, Issue 24 March 21, 2014
Another ozone therapy that works
miracles on your respiratory system
On Wednesday, I reminded you about MMS - a fantastic oxidation therapy that can wipe out just about any infection. Today, I want to tell you about another oxidation therapy that can work wonders for your respiratory system.

Chronic sinusitis, asthma, and COPD are problems that are escalating in the U.S. population. Treating the lungs with ozone seems like it could solve any of these health issues, but medical ozone gas comes with a major glitch. In concentrations needed for therapy, it is highly irritating to the lungs. It is not healthy to breathe it. In fact, you should never inhale higher concentrations raw. Ozone is very hard on the lungs and can make asthma worse.

Ozone in general is not a problem. Atmospheric ozone gas is nature's great cleanser. The sweet smell following a thunderstorm is the effect of ozone at low concentrations. However, high concentrations are a problem. So how can you treat lung problems with ozone without the dangers inherent in medical ozone? It's quite simple.

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There is a wonderful adaptation that few people know about. Decades ago, before ozone machines first came out, healers bubbled the gas through essential oils. This created a wonderful, pleasant, and refreshing mist that is very safe to inhale. Plus, it's healing and non-irritating.

There are many essential oils on the market you can use. But I like using two parts pine oil to one part eucalyptus oil. You can find these online and at many health food stores.

While the bubbler I have is hand-blown glass and hard to come by, Longevity Resources has commercial glassware that you can use for this type of bubbling. You can contact them on the Internet at http://www.ozonegenerator.com/ozone_generators/accessories/glassware.php or by calling 877-543-3398. You can find other bubblers on the Internet as well.

Not only will this help with chronic lung issues, but other acute problems as well. For instance, if you ever suffer exposure to a communicable respiratory pathogen, this mist can lead to much faster healing.

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