Volume11, Issue 23 March 19, 2014
Miracle cure kills over 200 pathogens -
and you can make it in your own home
Five years ago, I told you about Jim Humble. He's the man who discovered and posted a terrific breakthrough in oral oxidation therapy on the Internet. This treatment can cure just about any pathogen in hours and sometimes minutes. That includes malaria, tuberculosis, athlete's foot, Candida, and even herpes. What's more, it can cure most bacterial, viral, and fungal infections and blood-borne diseases.

Humble reports cures of deadly malaria in a day. His remedy is safe and readily available oxides of chlorine. He calls the miracle cure "Miracle Mineral Supplement" or MMS. This inexpensive solution is made from commercially available sodium chlorite. You can find a solution of sodium chlorite in water purification drops at any sporting goods store. These are stabilized chlorine dioxide and  will work just as well as sodium chlorite. I have used these when I go on my long hikes to purify water, but they act differently when you add them to an acid. Here's how it works.

Humble found that when you first drop the MMS (or water purification drops) into a dilute acid solution, it activates. It will then slowly release chlorine dioxide, a gas with oxidant properties very similar to ozone. The acid solution can be something as simple as vinegar or lemon juice. You can find both of these in any grocery store. You can also use hydrochloric or citric acid, available in bulk online. A lot of people use citric acid for canning and making sausage.

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The suggested use goes like this: Add the MMS to 1 tsp of hydrochloric acid, vinegar, lemon juice, or 5% citric acid solution. Wait three minutes. Add this combination to 8 oz of water (or more) and drink on an empty stomach. Drink this every morning and evening, or as desired. The concoction produces the gas in your stomach for about two hours. You won't notice much of anything. But it will be working to kill just about any pathogen you might have.

MMS, like hydrogen peroxide, may be worth keeping on your shelf for troubled times ahead. I have extensively studied its chemistry. Except for some loose stools at higher doses, I believe it is quite safe.  I've used forms of MMS both orally and intravenously. I have not seen significant loose bowels at doses of six drops or less.

You can find a list of MMS suppliers at http://waterpurificationsuppliers.com/. Some of these suppliers have the MMS kit available at a very reasonable price.



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