Volume11, Issue 16 February 21, 2014
Is your home giving you Alzheimer's?
Here’s how to tell - and how to fix it
Several years ago, I told you that dirty electricity could be polluting you. Dirty electricity is the pollution that comes from electrical current. The pollution can cause all sorts of health problems. And, now, the mainstream media is finally waking up to this reality.

A recent study from Switzerland shows that living within 50 meters of major power lines increases your risk of Alzheimer's. The risk increased steadily based on time and proximity to a 220 to 380 kilovolt power line. These are the extra high voltage lines used for long distance transmission of electricity. This study found that anyone living near such lines for 15 years, their risk doubled. Considering the Alzheimer's epidemic, that's a huge risk.

I want to explain why this might occur. Please understand that your brain is electric. It puts out fields of energy. All you have to do is look at an EEG to see the frequencies the human brain generates. The laws of physics dictate that anything that can generate frequency and fields will be affected by foreign frequencies and fields. In some cases, we can use this for good, such as frequency specific microcurrent (FSM). But when it comes to electricity, we are exposed to frequencies that the human body never saw before on this planet. These frequencies and fields will alter molecules and molecular activity sensitive to them. The alteration is not likely to be good for you.

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Your brain generates large amounts of frequencies and fields. It only makes sense that it will likewise be sensitive to the effects of foreign frequencies. These toxic frequencies may disrupt or place stress on your neurons struggling to maintain their healthy frequencies. So it's not surprising that Alzheimer's could result.

Action to take: First, avoid living near high voltage transmission lines. Next, I suggest you read what I've written on dirty electricity. You can find all of this information on my website in the archives.

Then contact Stetzer Electric (www.stetzerelectric.com) to get a meter to measure dirty electricity in your home. If it's there, the company can provide you with plug-in filters to reduce your exposure. We've seen children in school improve their behavior by doing this simple step. If it has such a profound effect on their brains, reducing your exposure to dirty electricity might just protect your brain from an even greater problem - Alzheimer's.


Harding, Anne. “Living near big power line may up Alzheimer's risk,” Reuters Health, 2009-02-05.

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