Volume11, Issue 13 February 12, 2014
More proof that nutrients
can stop blindness
If you have macular degeneration, an article in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition serves as a reminder for help. The article says that taking eye-sparing nutrients likely will benefit AMD sufferers. What's more, they might "possibly" benefit those who suffer with cataracts.

The article said the target nutrients the researchers reviewed included vitamins C and E, beta carotene, zinc, copper, lutein, and zeaxanthin. They also recommended omega-3 fatty acids.

I believe you can prevent AMD by eating a diet rich in these nutrients. However, if you have AMD, or are concerned about it, there's lots of help available. There are many excellent supplements on the market. These can fortify you with the nutrients studied to protect your macula. My favorite supplement is Advanced Vision Formula, because I helped formulate it and we improved on most of the formulas on the market.

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Can You Restore Your Hearing by Taking Nutrients?

Most doctors don't think nutrition has anything to do with hearing loss. But several new studies show just how important nutrition is to your ears - and how some people are actually reversing their hearing loss.

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Regarding cataracts, anything that can help you increase your body's glutathione may help prevent visual loss. Glutathione protects the proteins in your lens from oxidative damage and cross linking. I've talked a lot about glutathione in the past. All of this information is available on my website.

If you already have a cataract, I'm still getting great feedback on the DMSO drops I formulated. In fact, I receive more email about this formula than just about any other topic. Again, you can find all the details about it on my website. You'll need to have a prescription from your eye doctor and a compounding pharmacist that can make it. The formula is DMSO 6%, vitamin C 1.25%, and glutathione 1.25%.


American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2007; 85(1): 304S-307S.

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