Volume11, Issue 12 February 7, 2014
Did the doctor really do this?
Imagine that I had come up with a special pill that actually does lower certain forms of pain, like those in arthritis and menstrual cramps. Even the FDA agrees with me and approves it for said specific uses and doses. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it? Well, there's more to this story.

I then tell you that the FDA says it's okay to use in twice the approved doses. You can use it in higher doses for acute surgical pain. You believe me, take it, and it harms you. I know that it doesn't work; I know that it causes significant toxicity at these higher doses when taken over longer periods of time. Furthermore, I pay millions to doctors and other people to tout these off-label higher-dose uses. I rake in billions with this scam. Sound like a crime? It is. Sounds like people might get injured? They did. Yes, this is a true story.

It was Pfizer - a drug company. Pfizer was stone cold guilty of crooked marketing of its painkiller Bextra. When they finally removed it from the market, more than half of Pfizer's profits came from off-label uses. Pfizer's own documents showed the criminal actions of improper marketing.

The FDA investigated Pfizer. It could have taken the behemoth drug company down on criminal charges. But it didn't.

That's right, Pfizer escaped. Why? Pfizer set up a shell company to take the rap. The shell company took the hit. Why not Pfizer? The Feds decided it was too big to prosecute. You see, when found guilty, it would have been excluded from Medicare reimbursement for its petrochemical drugs. That would have wiped out a major drug company. "Innocent" stock holders and employees all would have suffered.

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Today, we have corporations committing criminal acts. But since they are so huge, and in control of so much of government, their acts go unpunished, even if deaths occur.

The FDA's message: If you want to commit mass indiscriminate murder and mayhem, set up a drug corporation. Get real big. Lie, cheat, and steal. And then use the corporate shell to escape all of your accountability. Just have the corporation pay a fine, pennies on the blood dollars it rakes in. Say, didn't this very thing happen with Vioxx and its maker, Merck? It happens all the time, and yet no one does anything about it.

We have to get this message out. Please forward this email to as many people as you can. We will post it on Facebook. Please "like" it and share it on your timeline. We need to make the public aware of this. Public outrage is the only way to stop it.



Griffen, Drew and Andy Segal. "Feds found Pfizer too big to nail," CNN Special Investigations Unit, April 2, 2010.

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