January 24, 2014
New book proves fish
oils are dangerous!
As you may know, I've been making waves in the alternative medicine world. For years, integrative physicians have touted the health benefits of fish oil. Then, with the help of Brian Peskin, I exposed the faulty science behind fish oil and recommended plant-based omega-3 oils instead. Since doing so, the science behind our position has grown significantly. And what you're about to read confirms what we've been saying.

One reason the fish-oil advocates push fish oil is because it improves the fatty acid content of your cells. Well, this new study found that you don't need fish oil to do this. A study on 62 Canadian firefighters found that supplementing with flaxseed oil for 12 weeks raised their red blood cell levels of EPA and DHA. These are the more evolved omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil. The study showed that our bodies will readily convert the "parent" 18-carbon-chain omega-3 into the longer 20-chain fatty acid as needed. This study proves that what we've said in theory does in fact work out in reality.

You might ask, "That's fine, but why shouldn't I use fish oil anyway?" Your cell membranes are made up primarily of 18-carbon-chain fatty acids. If you consume lots of 20-chain fatty acids, they will accumulate in your cell membranes, possibly throwing off the ideal balance of 18:20 by "force feeding" the membranes. On the other hand, by consuming primarily plant-based fatty acids, you will get 100% 18-carbon-chain fatty acids, which is what your membranes really need. Then your cells will elongate them as necessary to 20.

People live on the land, come from the land, and benefit far more from the land than they do the sea. That's not to say that the sea doesn't have great benefits for us. It does. But our bodies are designed more for plant-derived 18-carbon-chain fatty acids than marine oils. All herbivores get their fatty acids the same way, and convert them to longer fatty acids as needed.

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The authors of this study concluded that simple dietary modification will easily provide you with the amounts of 18-carbon-chain omega-3 that you need for optimizing your fatty acid balance. And for that reason, I primarily recommend Peskin's designed Advanced EFA Formula (all plant-derived omega-3 and 6) if you need to supplement. A diet rich in leafy green veggies, flax seeds, and chia seeds will be the best start in correcting a fatty acid problem, which is very common in Americans.

I'm very happy to say that Prof. Peskin and I literally wrote the book on plant essential oils (PEO). Our newly published book is now available and you can be the first to buy it! You can order it by calling 800-791-3445 and using the special offer code SOB214. Or you can follow this link and order our PEO Solution book online. Once you read it, you'll never take fish oil again.


Am J Clin Nutr, 2008; 88(3): 801-9.

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