January 22, 2014
New technology lets you stop cancer
cells before they grow into a tumor
Many years ago, I told you that cancer is loaded with iron. That was the basis for an amazing herbal compound, artemisinin, to kill tumor cells. When artemisinin comes into contact with the iron-containing cell, it unleashes a huge burst of free radicals that virtually blows up the cell. It's quite remarkable. Well, this same Achilles heel also may allow us to detect cancers far earlier.

A new technology samples only 7.5 cc of blood. The process uses technology to magnetically detect and stain individual cancer cells circulating in your blood. This gives a real time test as to the effectiveness of each therapy. From my perspective, we also could use it to one day detect cancer much earlier than we can today.

We've known for years that single tumor cells circulate in your blood looking for a place to imbed and grow. We all have these cells. I've always said the best way to beat cancer is to prevent it from imbedding and growing. Imagine being able to detect a single wandering cancerous cell. You could then take steps to prevent the cell from ever growing beyond one cell. And it wouldn't require chemotherapy or radiation to do so.

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Doctors are calling this technology Cellsearch Circulating Tumor Cell Test. It is currently available in New York at the Eileen Barrett Cancer Center. And the list of clinics offering it is growing. Your doctor can learn more about it and order the tests by visiting https://www.cellsearchctc.com.

Technology has its wonderful side as well as its darker side. This is a very bright breakthrough for those wondering if they have had enough treatment.

If you take the test and find out that you do have threatening tumor cells, I strongly recommend you take steps to fight it. Again, this doesn't include chemo or radiation. Instead, artemisinin is perfect for this. It will take care of the cancer cells quickly and effortlessly. You can find artemisinin online. I prefer the products offered at www.nutricology.com.


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