January 3, 2014
Every year, 400 people die from
this over-the-counter drug – but you
don't have to be one of them
We've known for years that Tylenol is poisonous to your liver. And thousands of people have died by taking this drug. Yet if a vitamin or herb hurts one single soul, it makes international news. However, there's more to this story.

As you may know, acetaminophen is a synthetic petrochemical pharmaceutical. A constant barrage of TV commercials for decades has driven the idea that this drug is the cat's meow for pain. The brainwashing is terrible. What a lot of people don't realize is that the drug makers stick acetaminophen in with other drugs in a multitude of concoctions. One of the most popular drugs in the U.S. is Vicodin. It combines acetaminophen with a mild narcotic. NyQuil is another popular acetaminophen product.

Back in 2009, advisers to the FDA voted 20-17 (a rather close vote) for restrictions on this class of drug. The panel agreed that extra strength Tylenol should be sold by prescription only, and the over-the-counter version of Tylenol should be given in lower doses than recommended. Of course, Pharma's henchman, the FDA, is not bound by these recommendations. Nothing has changed since then.

Each year with acetaminophen, 400 people die and over 40,000 are hospitalized due to direct poisoning. And there is controversy over limiting doses of a known liver toxin? I haven't heard of one death from vitamin C overdose. But if you did, the FDA would take it off the market in a heartbeat.

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Sadly, the safest drugs of all for pain have gotten a bad rap. Narcotics are among the safest drugs in the world. You have to use them with caution because of their addictive potential. But it's not common to see addiction when you use narcotics properly for pain. Unfortunately, doctors are rightfully petrified of regulatory agencies. If these agencies believe you're over-using pain drugs, they take your license and send you to prison.

This government coercion is what really led to the push for combination drugs like those with acetaminophen added to the narcotic. No, you won't get hooked; you'll just kill off your liver first. That's the result of our government protecting us from ourselves.

When it comes to pain, there are far safer alternatives. I like Curamin, a combination of curcumin, DLPA, and boswelia. You can find it at many health food stores and online. Taking 500 mg, three times daily of a proteolytic enzyme like bromelain (available at most health food stores) often reduces inflammation as well.

I see little need for chemicals like acetaminophen. There are plenty of wonderful compounds made by God to soothe our aches.

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