December 25, 2013
The vaccine-Alzheimer's
connection becomes clear
A few years ago, I told you that every flu vaccine you get significantly increases your risk for Alzheimer's. I took a lot of heat for that statement. But the evidence continues to grow.

One of the biggest fears with vaccines is mercury. But mercury isn't the only heavy metal in vaccine. A short eBook entitled Aluminum in Vaccines - a Neurological Gamble has documented the extreme hazards of aluminum added to vaccines. Medical "experts" added high concentrations of neurotoxic aluminum to vaccines in every child's immunization schedule when they removed several vaccines containing mercury. Two-month-old babies now get 1,225 mcg of aluminum in their vaccines. That's 50 times more than accepted safety levels.

This is Russian roulette with the nervous system.

All cells in your central nervous system, including glial cells, take up aluminum. These support your neurons. Aluminum can over-activate these cells, as well as all cells in your nervous system. Then you'll get an outpouring of chemicals called excitotoxins. These are normally occurring peptides required for exciting the nervous system. But, when over-produced, they can effectively excite the neuron to death, sort of like electrocution.

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You might wonder why vaccine makers add this poisonous metal. All vaccines have two components. The substance that is the target for immunity, say the virus. And they add chemicals (adjuvants) to "enhance" the immune response. These can be highly toxic. They are non-specific activators. Not only can they activate your immune system to the virus, but also to your own tissues, inducing autoimmunity. Aluminum may be as toxic to your brain as mercury.

Please, please do not get vaccines! Do not allow your family, children, and grandchildren to get vaccines. Oxidation therapy and high-dose intravenous vitamin C can whip just about any acute infectious process you'll ever have to worry about. I'd rather treat the acute infection and get rid of it for life than deal with a lifetime of crippling neurological complications from vaccinations.

PS. If you're celebrating Christmas today, I hope you have a wonderful celebration.


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