December 11, 2013
The "small" reason
many people gain weight
You may have heard that micronutrients are nutrients that exist in very small amounts, yet are absolutely critical in the proper function of your body. Some of these include: carotenoids, bioflavonoids, vitamins E, C, A, B12, selenium, and folate. Recently, researchers wanted to know if your level of micronutrients in your body could contribute to weight gain.

Instead of looking at macronutrients like sodium, calcium, and potassium, this one looked at the role of micronutrients in your body mass index (BMI). The latter, even the orthodox boys know about and measure routinely. Total calories also qualify as a macronutrient.

This study determined that obese people have a great risk of having deficiencies of micronutrients. Overweight and obese premenopausal women had the greatest risk of multiple deficiencies. These results confirm a message I have been preaching all along. I'll explain.

Generally, the obese are eating lots of food. They have to in order to gain so much weight.  However, they are taking in empty calories. That means that there is fuel in the food, but much of what they are eating is devoid of the essential nutrients we all need for life. In a wholesome world, we would expect the obese to be filled with nutrients. After all, they are eating far more food than the rest of us. But this information tells us that they are not eating wholesome food. That's why they have a double risk of disease. The weight itself is a huge risk. And the micronutrient deficiencies are another and possibly greater risk.

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Action to take: If you were my patient, it would be most unlikely for you to hear me criticize you for the amount of food you eat. Eating is one of those enjoyable things about life. However, I would be all over you about the quality of what you eat. This study is yet more confirmation about my recommendation to eat an organic Living Foods Diet. You just can't go wrong.

If you cannot make the change, then this study demonstrates the need to supplement yourself with a good all-around combination product such as Healthy Resolve.

REF: MedGenMed, 2006; 8(4): 59.

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