December 4, 2013
Is the thimerosal in
vaccines good for you?
Recent news reports are spewing propaganda that thimerosal, the mercury preservative in vaccines, may actually be good for you. As you may know, this source of the horrid toxin mercury is one of the major contaminants linked to the explosion of autism. But is it possible I've got it all wrong? Is mercury really quite safe? Is it, in fact, good for you?

I asked Dr. Boyd Haley, professor and chairman of the Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky, for his opinion. He is likely the world's leading authority on the toxic effects of mercury. Here's what he said:

"Any epidemiological study that shows that exposures to thimerosal or mercury, especially above the EPA safe level, is beneficial is most likely due to the "pruning" of the subjects to remove those children or subjects who are most susceptible to mercury toxicity. If you consider the English study that indicated no effect of thimerosal, at least one-third of the children were dropped from the study. This alone indicates severe pruning of the subjects, which could lead to erroneous results such as 'thimerosal makes you healthier.' In fact, any reasonable scientist would question any selection process of subjects that resulted in the finding that exposure to ethylmercury above the EPA safe level was good for children."

The immediate question to ask is why don't we see these so-called benefits in animal studies? Also, do we really believe that one-third of the children born in England would have health factors that would exclude them from an autism epidemiological study? Of course not!

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There is another trick that is used by epidemiologists. They take a toxin (thimerosal/mercury) caused illness (autism through Asperger's Syndrome) and divide it into multiple illnesses (PDD, ADHD, autism, etc.). This makes the numbers of any one single labeled disease so low that it is difficult to identify with the numbers game. It is really easy for the individuals assigned to "prune" test subjects to identify the subjects as having "other diseases." But all of these could be caused by exposure to thimerosal or combinations of toxic metals, etc.

Do you, a rational thinker, believe there is any form of lead that is beneficial? There's not one scientist who will tell you there is. Yet they'll give you garbage "science" to convince you that some form of mercury can be good. Want to take some ethyl lead to spiff up your brain? In my opinion, studies like this are simply more of Big Pharma's fraudulent manipulation of data to protect themselves from their atrocities and deceive you via the mass media. You and your family should avoid thimerosal like the plague.

REF: Pediatrics, Vol. 114 No. 3 September 2004, pp. 577-583.

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