Is this $199 in-home treatment a
sure-fire way to prevent Parkinson's?
Several years ago I warned about pesticides causing Parkinson's disease. This degenerative neurological disorder causes rigidity. While there are drugs that can temporarily improve the condition, unfortunately the long-term prognosis is abysmal with conventional treatment. The reason is that the disease destroys about 80% of the target neurons (brain basal ganglion) by the time symptoms appear. There just isn't much left to hold the fort. Prevention is a much better strategy. And new research is confirming my warnings.

A Duke University study found that those exposed to pesticides have a 1.6 times higher risk of getting the disease than those with no known exposure. Those with the heaviest previous exposure (over 200 days) had more than double the risk. And most alarming, the researchers said "recreational pesticide use in the home and garden was more of a source of exposure than occupational use." Herbicides and insecticides were the chemicals studied most likely to do the damage. The authors suggested more research to study the mechanism of action.

Information like this should be at the forefront of the nightly news health reports. Parkinson's claims millions of Americans. The only sound treatment, in my opinion, is prevention. Why should chemicals be so devastating to your brain?

Many organic chemicals will directly damage your brain. These chemicals are usually fat soluble. Your brain is mostly fat. Neurons are mostly membranes and membranes are made up of lipids. So, chemicals will directly enter your brain. Now think about pesticides. Many damage the nervous system of insects. Makes sense that your nervous system would be damaged as well. Your brain goes to great lengths to protect itself from unwanted bad stuff. That's what the blood-brain barrier is all about. If the chemical is fat soluble, that barrier is defeated. The bad stuff can pour in.

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It's vital you stop any possible exposure to pesticides. This extends to food sprayed with toxins. Eat organic. Now I predict that we will see an upsurge in Parkinson's based on the above information, thanks to Monsanto. The research implicated herbicides as among the worst chemicals to initiate the disease. Thanks to Monsanto, almost all the non-organic soy grown in this country is genetically engineered. And for what purpose? To make the soy plants more resistant to Monsanto's herbicide, Roundup. The beans are called Roundup-ready soybeans. Monsanto makes a triple killing. It gets to sell its alien soy seeds. These, being more resistant to the toxic herbicide, spur greater sales and use of Monsanto-made spray that you will eat. The third part of the triple killing is not money, it's your neurons. So you should see yet more clearly why I am so fervently opposed to GMO Frankenfoods.

Please consider getting an infrared sauna. I've seen them spouting up everywhere from Home Depot and on the internet. For a small personal portable fabric sauna, the price is an astonishing low $199 at many sites. This type of sauna can help you sweat out fat-stored toxins. And it could help you prevent Parkinson's.

REF: open-access journal BMC Neurology March 28 2008; Annals of Neurology 2-08.

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