Why anyone with high cholesterol
must take vitamins
Has your doctor ever told you that all those vitamins you take are just enriching the sewage system? Or has he ever said that aside from cholesterol consumption, diet has little to do with heart disease? If so, this report proves him wrong on both.

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This report went completely unreported a few years ago and offers a new twist to the cholesterol story. Remember how I have told you that it's not so much the level of cholesterol that is the problem, but rather it is oxidized cholesterol and how your body handles the rest of your LDL cholesterol? Well, the famous journal, Circulation, the AHA's own publication, agrees with me. And it takes it a step further. Circulation reported on the enzyme paranoxonase (PON1), which is carried in the HDL (good) cholesterol particles. This enzyme can stop the changes in the oxidized LDL (bad) cholesterol particles before it can initiate the atherosclerotic changes in the vessel walls.

Lipids are fats. Fats have a tendency to become rancid (oxidized). Rancid oils and rancid cholesterol forming within the body are taken up into the blood vessel walls. These rancid products send a shock wave of inflammatory responses that trigger the atherogenic process. Cutting off the process at the source, therefore, makes excellent sense. In fact, the research bears it out as well. The Caerphilly Prospective Study in the UK headed by Michael Mackness, followed 1,353 (aged 49-65 at study entry) men carefully controlled for diet, lifestyle, smoking, family history, blood cholesterol, and other variables. They measured PON1 concentration and activity and compared these levels to future cardiac events. At the conclusion of the study, the researchers found that PON1 activity was very significant, independent of all other risk factors.

Furthermore, another study in mice found significant protection from atherosclerosis in the rodents, which had genetic engineering to splice the human PON1 gene into them. While cholesterol levels remained unchanged in both groups, the group that had the PON1 splicing technology had two to four times the level of enzyme activity and had significantly reduced atherosclerosis.

While PON1 activity is genetically predetermined, you can modify its activity. And the way you do might surprise your doctor - who thinks taking supplements just enriches the sewage system. Mackness said, "Taking antioxidant vitamins or eating foods high in antioxidants, moderate alcohol intake, and exercise all increase PON1 activity."

I do not expect you to get this enzyme measured. And, obviously, genetic engineering is out of the question. Besides, there's no need to. Look at the factors that increase the activity of this enzyme: antioxidant vitamins, foods high in antioxidants, moderate exercise, and moderate alcohol intake, all of which you read about in these pages years ago. A diet high in raw organic living foods (referring here to vegetables, not meat) will be the richest in antioxidants. If you have skimped on vitamins, think again. That yellow urine only means your body has plenty and can afford to eliminate some, when you are supplementing by mouth. A good broad-spectrum antioxidant formulation (such as Healthy Resolve) can keep up blood antioxidant levels and insure optimum functioning of your PON1 activity.

So when your conventional doctor or doubting family questions the wisdom of daily vitamins, here is the study you can point to. Make sure you tell your doctor it came right out of the AHA itself!

REF: Circulation, "An Enzyme Puts The 'Good' In Good Cholesterol," May 20, 2003.

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