The real reason France allows

GMO foods from Monsanto

What does it mean when a "sovereign" nation's decision on a matter affecting the health and safety of its people gets forcibly overridden? And what does it mean when the exclusive beneficiary of that forced reversal is a private corporation? For starters, it means the nation is not sovereign anymore. And second, it tells us who the sovereign really is.

France took the unusual step of banning Monsanto's GMO Frankencorn over environmental and health concerns. Days later, the European Union stepped in and saved Monsanto in France, against the very will of the nation. This shouldn't surprise anyone following Frankenfood. The U.S. ambassador to France, Craig Stapleton, was a business partner to President Bush. He stated that nations that did not accept Monsanto's genetically altered crops would be "penalized" and should be threatened with "military-styled" trade wars.

Anthony Gucciardi covered this story in last January. In that article, he revealed that WikiLeaks cables surfaced demonstrating startling, but not surprising, information concerning Monsanto's deep infiltration into back-end politics.

One of the leaks revealed Stapleton's methodology of measured and sustainable economic warfare on behalf of biotech companies. Even worse, Gucciardi states that WikiLeaks proved that U.S. diplomats are on Monsanto's payroll!

I'll prove to you that we have a government gone mad. You see, there are a few good and honest people in government that do have your protection at heart. While the diplomats, who work for the executive branch, are strong-arming France and other countries with Mafia-like tactics, our EPA has warned that Monsanto's GMO crops are spawning mutant resistant insects. These "superbugs" require substantially more pesticides. Monsanto is in a win-win. It's gunpoint GMO seeds for profit. That leads to superbugs, which require far more of Monsanto's poisons for spraying. And that leads to more consumer ingestion of horrific poisons and health demise. That leads to Monsanto's sister Frankencompanies dumping more chemicals into you in the form of drugs and chemo to combat the cancers they induce.

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While our despotic rulers condemn us to toxicity, consumers are waking up to Monsanto's agenda and the dangers associated with their modified creations. Of over 45,000 comments submitted on the USDA website regarding Monsanto's new genetically modified strain, only 23 were in favor. Hmm. Monsanto has more employees than that. It's rather sad that our government, run by corporate rulers, ignores the will of 99.99% of the people when Monsanto couldn't even get a few hundred of their own employees to stack the deck.

I beg you and my patients to demand of elected officials to disclose acceptance of money from Monsanto, Pharma, or any of their ilk. If they won't disclose, or, they have taken BLOOD MONEY, I again beg you to vote them out. You'll be much better off with someone from a party you might not agree with than a corrupt official who has sold your health (and perhaps life itself on this planet) to the highest bidder.


REF:, May 24, 2012.

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