More proof that conventional medicine
wants your money — not a cure

While autism may never affect you directly, there's an interesting story about the political and financial wrangling in medicine that definitely will affect you. As you may know, autism rates are soaring. That means the costs to treat it are soaring as well. Instead of trying to find out the cause and cure, pundits are scrambling to redefine the symptoms.

Here's what that means. If they can redefine the symptoms, far fewer damaged children will qualify for the diagnosis, and perhaps coverage for treatment.

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At the same time, a South Korean study suggests that the rate of autism diagnosis may be greatly underestimated. In the first large-scale study of its kind, U.S. and South Korean researchers suggest that ASD (autism spectrum disorders) might be affecting as many as 1 in 38 children. They pointed out that this figure doesn't necessarily mean that autism rates are soaring even more. It just might mean better data collection and observations in the population group. But, I'm not so sure.

I'm an old time clinician, and even at 62, my memory is simply fantastic. I just can't remember even one case of autism in any childhood throughout my schooling. Nor can my friends, nor my parents. Yes, there were bullies and bad actors. But not the special needs children of today. Something has happened in the two generations since.

I believe I can tell you what it is. It's not just vaccinations. I recently saw my first case of severe autism in a child of a fantastic couple who did not vaccinate. But, the mom, at age 30, has significantly advanced neurological disease. There is a strong history in the family of chemical exposure.

I believe that autism is a combination of events in susceptible people. Three generations ago, this combination just could not have occurred. Our genetics are the same; genes don't change over 60 years. But genetics are involved, as in this family.

All humans have biochemical pathways to detoxify. And we all have different genetic defects or rates of detoxification. Such "defects" would not amount to a hill of beans in a clean environment. That's exactly why the defects were not weeded out over generations. But our toxic world is getting more intoxicated by the likes of Monsanto and a corporate owned government. They're turning a blind eye to chemical-induced maladies.

As a result, we're seeing these genetic variables now expressing in those chemically exposed or receiving vaccines in greater loads than their bodies can process. It's for this reason we'll fail in trying to identify "the cause" of autism. There isn't one. It's a combination of genetics and rapidly escalating toxin accumulation.

For this reason I think that mass vaccination in today's world is madness, whether in children or adults. If you're thinking about getting a flu shot, consider this report. The toxic build-up does have an impact. We know that taking a flu shot for 10 straight years will have an impact on your brain function. And the political wrangling shows you clearly that the medical establishment isn't concerned about your health. All they want is your money.

As for me, I'll take my chances with getting the communicable disease. If I do contract one of them, it's still okay. I'll assist my immune system to permanently purge it and from future recurrence by using oxidation and nutritional therapies. You can do the same.

REF: American Journal of Psychiatry, May 2011.

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