BPA-free plastics are safe, right?
Don't be so sure...
You've probably read the many major stories on plasticizers leaching dangerous chemicals into your body. Once in your body, they act as estrogens, or endocrine disrupters. They have such powerful hormone activity that they dwarf your own hormone output. The effects can be deadly. They can cause all kinds of health problems, including breast and prostate cancer.

The fear of BPA (one of these plasticizer chemicals) has grown so much that other countries have banned it. Our government has bowed to industry rather than to your health. Because of the negative press, many companies have advertised BPA-free plastic, in an effort to lull you into believing that there could be a safe plastic to encase your food and water. We find now that this is a myth.

A research team evaluated commercially available plastic products such as baby bottles and plastics advertised as BPA-free. The scientists washed the plastics into alcohol or water solvents and checked what leached out for estrogen activity. You'll be alarmed to learn that nearly every commercially available plastic product leached chemicals having estrogen activity.

But here's the kicker: In some cases, BPA-free plastics released chemicals with more estrogen activity than BPA-containing plastics.

We live in a plastic world. Unless you live in a stone-age jungle, it's impossible to avoid plastic. And even there, native peoples have toxic organic chemicals in their blood. I don't believe there is ANY safe plastic to house your food or water. Heat, trauma to the plastic, sunlight, etc. can induce release of toxic chemicals that might not otherwise leach out.

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I do drink bottled water when traveling since I don't want fluoride courtesy of idiot politicians. If your area does not have fluoride, a carbon filter might do well to absorb chlorine and even plasticizers from your bottled water. There are portable carbon filters available online such as the Clearbrook, which advertises up to 99% reduction in organic chemicals. You can find it online. It's clear that we have a major water problem. Municipal water supplies are loaded with cancerous fluoride and chlorine byproducts. Now we know plastics are adding to the toxic load. Make sure you're using a filter for all of your water. And drink from glass or stainless steel containers whenever you can. Metal can leach toxins like nickel as well, but not as much and not as fast, especially if you're not heating it at high temperatures.

REF: EHP Online: 02 March 2011.

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