Dementia is going to bankrupt
our country and possibly your
family - unless you do this now
Now that Obamacare is in full force - well, except for the corporate exemptions and delays - we're going to see just how well this new law works. It is, of course, designed to fail. The Obama Administration has openly admitted that they want a single payer (government) system. And they have to show the country that this so-called free market experiment won't work. Problem is we'll be bankrupt before we get there.

We are facing an unprecedented crisis in medicine. Costs for heart disease and cancer are bad enough. But costs for the care of dementia have already surpassed BOTH! In 2010, costs for heart disease stood at $102 billion. For cancer, the cost was $77 billion. But dementia was somewhere between $159 billion and $215 billion. And these latter figures are just direct costs. The indirect costs are estimated to be at least another $50-100 billion depending on whether you figure in the lost income from family caregivers (which is much, much higher for dementia than it is for heart disease and cancer)!

Each case of dementia costs from $41,000 to $56,000. An economist of the RAND Corporation, in a study funded by the federal government, found that nearly 15% of people aged 71 or older, about 3.8 million people, have dementia. By 2040, the authors said, that number will explode to 9.1 million people.

Dr. Richard J. Hodes is director of the National Institute on Aging, which financed the study. He states, "I don't know of any other disease predicting such a huge increase." He also said, "And as we have the baby boomer group maturing, there are going to be more older people with fewer children to be informal caregivers for them, which is going to intensify the problem even more."

I don't want to be a gloom-and-doom expert. But these statistics are DIRE. Costs for dementia will double in just one generation!

The American model of disease maintenance (not health care) is clearly doomed. Dementia costs have doubled since 2010 from a range of $159-$215 billion to $379-$511 billion. By 2050, estimates are $1.2 TRILLION.

And remember, these costs reflect nothing on the exploding cases of autism. These unfortunate youngsters already have a damaged brain from vaccines (though the idiot pundits still are lying about that). So what becomes of them as they age?

Clearly the model of medical care foisted upon us has failed and is taking us down the sewer. The fewer remaining healthy and productive people are being shackled (like with Obamacare) to take care of the unhealthy and unproductive. The system is ripping apart at the seams.

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The real problems lie in the political realm where the people of this country lack the will to throw out those who fatten themselves off us. Pharma doesn't care how much the costs go up, as long as there are remaining people to "pharm" for profit. And neither do the politicians, who are on Pharma's payroll. Please think of this next time you are at the election booth.

In the meantime, you need to protect yourself from your growing risk of dementia. Please consider the advice I bring in these pages. We all will lose brainpower as we age. How fast and how early it comes may be more in your own hands than you know. Start by eating a healthful diet and getting some exercise every day. Then take Advanced Memory Formula to help keep your brain sharp and mentally alert.

REF: NYT 4-4-13.

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