More proof that electromagnetic
systems cause health problems
I've maintained for years that cell phones and other EMF (electromagnetic fields) devices, including your home's electrical system, have a terrible impact on your body. Some people disagree with me. But now there's new information supporting what I've told you about the potential health problems these devices can cause.

Scientists from Sacramento, California have discovered that EMF gets absorbed into your central nervous system and generates a voltage. In particular, they studied the spinal cord. They report that the spinal cord acts as a "natural receptor antenna" for incident EMF. Such EMF generates enough voltage in the spinal cord to cause damage, possibly breaking down the blood-brain barrier. And this degeneration can lead to a large variety of diseases, including dementia.

Your central nervous system was one of the first EMF devices. Your brain puts out EMF in the form of brain waves. The laws of physics tell us that bathing the central nervous system in such fields will affect its own fields, and its ability to generate those fields. That means it will impact how well your brain functions.

We are living in a sea of EMF pollution. And it's only getting worse. Take the steps you can to reduce your exposure by not keeping a cell phone close to you. Remove yourself as far as possible from a transmitter. The amount of radiation that hits you falls exponentially by the distance.

Sadly, I predict that we are about to ride a terrible wave of human injury inflicted by all the wireless and mobile radiation. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of wonderful benefits to these devices. They have revolutionized our society. But you have to deal with reality. And the reality of these devices is not good for your health.

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Electromagnetic fields are here to stay. So it's vital you take steps to protect yourself. Unfortunately, there isn't a perfect solution. But you can take some steps like I did. I mentioned a few months ago in my newsletter that I bought a clock from Clarus International. The company claims that it alters the electromagnetic radiation within your home via the whole electrical system of your house.

Clarus also has a pendant called a Q-Link that helps protect your body. The science appears solid. I wear the Q-link every day and have the Clarus clock operating in my home. That said, I can't assure you that you will notice any effect, as EM toxicity is very subtle. You can buy both the Q-Link and the clock by calling 877-658-2498 or online at

REF: Electromagn Biol Med. 2012 Jun;31(2).

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