Why your heart needs linoleic acid -
even though your doctor says otherwise
Many people have mistakenly maligned omega-6 fatty acids as dangerous. Instead, they've pushed the public to move toward marine oils for cardiovascular health. Many scientists have suggested that western countries should curtain their intake of omega-6 oils. But another group of scientists has found otherwise.

The authors of this study essentially hit, almost verbatim, the teachings of my fatty acid mentor, Prof. Brian Peskin, on omega-6 fatty acids. They critically examined the effects of adulterated and unadulterated forms of omega-6 on cardiovascular outcomes. They went further. They looked at the much maligned arachidonic acid connection to linoleic acid (LA), the real essential omega-6 oil.

They found that unadulterated forms of LA "are cardioprotective and should be consumed as part of a healthy diet." In contrast, they found that "adulterated" forms of LA are the problem, particularly hydrogenated vegetable oil, but also oxidized oils, such as you would get in frying.

LA gets a bad rap - even in my physician circles - as it is the precursor for arachidonic acid (AA), an omega-6 derivative. True enough, AA is a precursor for some hot pro-inflammatory molecules. On the other hand, AA is a critical part of your brain's membranes and is the precursor for the most important vasodilator and vascular lubricator your body makes - prostacyclin.

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Please don't fear omega-6 oils in your diet. I am of the opinion now that we make too much hey over the omega 3:6 ratio rather than account for the amount of oxidized/deranged/adulterated versions of these oils from processing and heat. For instance, nuts have tremendous protective effects on vascular disease. They mostly provide omega-6, though walnuts are a great source of omega-3 as well. But, if you heat the nuts (roasted), you may have just adulterated fats.

Hats off to Prof. Peskin for pointing this out years before the mainstream picked it up. If you really want to take oils that will protect your heart and vascular system, then Advanced EFA Formula is the only way to go.

REF: jintegrmed2013002.pdf

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