Do hospitals know what they're
doing? Statistics say "NO"
How would you feel if your mechanic published his success rates as follows: 24.8% return of his work for battery failure, 19.9% return for engine failure, 18.3% return for the oil continuing to leak? Knowing those statistics, would you take your car to him? And on top of that, you get a second bill for "fixing" the problem again? Would you continue to take your car there? No way! But that's exactly what Americans do with their hospitals.

You see, those statistics are not for a car mechanic. They are the actual readmission rates for hospitals that treat in Medicare patients. They are, respectively, the rates for readmission for heart failure, heart attack, and pneumonia. Does this sound like statistics you want to risk for your body, let alone your car? Probably not.

An accompanying article in the same journal reported that the use of hospital-based acute care was quite high among patients who had already received treatment within 30 days. Eighteen percent of hospitalizations resulted in at least an acute care encounter within a single month. And, worse, emergency room treat-and-release patients accounted for nearly 40% of all hospitalizations during the post discharge period. The authors stated that ER treat-and-release leads to fragmented care, which can lead to another hospitalization.

This is a national crisis. Obamacare addresses the problem only by stating policies need to be developed to reduce readmissions. That won't solve the problem. It will only reduce your care. Modern medicine is focused only on crisis management and symptom suppression.

These reports should give pause to the makers of Obamacare and the other rules and regulations that have destroyed real health care in this nation. Perhaps if hospitals would evaluate their patients and treat them for the causes of their heart failure, heart attacks, and immune status leading to pneumonia, we would not have these embarrassing statistics. We wouldn't be on a runaway train toward national disease-maintenance bankruptcy. These numbers will only grow worse with greater government intrusion, as no one is encouraging hospitals and doctors to address the three fundamental causes of disease: malnutrition, toxins, and stress.

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I do encourage all my patients to get a "Western medicine" diagnosis. The diagnostic side of conventional medicine works just fine in most cases (though it's far from perfect). Then see an integrative physician who can give you alternatives to try. You can then decide if you want to use the chemicals that treat symptoms or the natural therapies that treat the cause.

Whatever you think of the current gridlock - and now the actual shutdown of the government, Obamacare needs to be defunded, repealed, or otherwise defeated. Obamacare promises to bring a highly defective system to millions of people who can't afford it. Is that really the way we should treat the poor? Give them something that doesn't work? Obamacare will make the system worse - and it will force this ineffective system on everyone. So please contact your representatives today and tell them to do whatever it takes to defeat this law.

REF: JAMA, January 23, 2013.

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