Two-nutrient combination provides
powerful protection against
Parkinson's disease
If you are concerned about Parkinson's disease, a new study shows how you can prevent this disease with two common supplements.

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In the past, I've told you about the connection between Parkinson's and pesticides exposure. Pesticides kill insects by destroying their neurons. In humans, they can cause significant damage to your neurons as well. And the result is a neurological disease, such as Parkinson's.

As a result, a group of scientists wanted to find out if two common nutrients could prevent this damage. In a study, they divided 21 male rats into three groups. One group served as the control. The researchers exposed the second group to the pesticide diazinon (which is a widely used agricultural chemical). They also exposed the third group to diazinon, but they gave them vitamins C and E as well.

The rats the researchers exposed to diazinon had significant elevation of serum malondialdehyde (MDA) in the brain. MDA is a serious marker for oxidative stress/injury. However, the rats treated with vitamins C and E had less lipid peroxidation in their brains from the chemical. They also had higher levels of the all-important SOD (superoxide dismutase). This enzyme is critically important for reducing cellular injury from pathological oxidants.

The authors concluded that the two vitamins in combination might protect against the pesticide-induced brain injury.

Your cell membranes are made up of lipids. So are the membranes of your critical mitochondria (energy furnaces). Lipids are vulnerable to oxidation damage. Membranes have vitamin E layered into them to mitigate normally occurring oxidative damage. But pesticides, like diazinon, greatly add to the damage.

The good news here is that these two common vitamins offer specific protection from the pesticide. They also protect you against MDA, a toxic molecule generated from many inflammation-inducing sources.

If you are at risk, vitamins E and C might offer specific protection regardless of whether your exposure is to diazinon or some other pesticide. For that matter, with SOD higher, I'd consider these nutrients regardless of pesticide exposure. You'll find both in a good multiple vitamin/mineral like Healthy Resolve or other similar high-potency products.

REF: Toxicol Ind Health, 2011 May 4.

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