Why taking insulin is more dangerous
for diabetics than taking nothing
What if I told you that treating type-2 diabetes with insulin is more dangerous than not treating it? Would you believe me? Well, I've said it for years. But the medical community just doesn't listen.

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Insulin’s Evil Twin

This overlooked hormone might be the real reason you still struggle with out-of-control blood sugar. But most doctors (even alternative doctors) ignore it completely.

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We all know that high blood sugar is bad. So how can lowering it with insulin be toxic? It's the same reason that virtually all allopathic medicine is dangerous. It doesn't address the cause, it only masks the symptoms. In this case, they're treating the symptom - high blood sugar. And a new study says doing so is quite dangerous.

This was a retrospective study, which I don't consider the best. But I'm bringing it forward because it supports my long-held position on diabetes and insulin. It also shows how the "cure" can be worse than the disease.

Researchers followed 84,622 primary care patients with type-2 diabetes. They were looking for the first major cardiac event, first cancer, or mortality. They also evaluated for microvascular disease. This is what really kills in type-2 diabetes.

They divided the patients into the following groups: (1) sulfonylurea therapy only, (2) insulin therapy only, and (3) insulin plus Metformin (the first drug doctors prescribe for type-2 diabetes). Now this is really interesting. We've known for years that lowering glucose with sulfonylureas raises cardiovascular mortality. These drugs work by forcing more insulin out of the pancreas.

The results showed that use of insulin led to more heart mortality, more stroke morbidity, more renal complications and neuropathy, and even more cancer. That's striking considering they compared it to sulfonylurea.

I've said it for years - insulin is the hormone of aging and death when in excess. Your body would rather attempt to allow the high blood glucose to pour out your kidney than convert it with insulin into abdominal fat, which creates unbridled inflammation. Insulin fuels cancer cells, which thrive on glucose and need insulin for glucose entry into the cells.

I've reported here that I've seen type-2 diabetes totally disappear with diet, lifestyle, and supplements. And, at the same time, it also corrects their high cholesterol, triglycerides, hypertension, and many other health problems.

Again, this was not the best study. However, I do think that if we looked at more chronic disease, and did studies like this on morbidity and mortality endpoints, we'd see similar findings with the typical Western medicine approach of suppressing symptoms. In this case the agent was not a petrochemical pharmaceutical. It was a hormone. But the use of the insulin simply threw the balance more off kilter than it was before the insulin.

If you have type-2 diabetes, please see an integrative physician before taking insulin or drugs. Metformin alone is an unusual exception. Derived from a plant, it seems to make the body more sensitive to insulin, so that less is needed. An integrative physician will help you know whether you should take it or not.

REF: Endocrine Care, February 2013.

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