The only shot you need for tennis
elbow and other joint pains
If you have any type of tendon or joint inflammation and visit a conventional doctor, you may end up with a steroid injection to help relieve the pain. The practice is universal. Just about every pain doctor will offer these shots. Amazingly, they give these shots without any studies about their effectiveness - until now. And the news for these shots is not good.

A recent study says that not only are these shots worthless, they're dangerous.

The researchers who did publish this report conducted a randomized, controlled trial on steroid injections for tennis elbow. They gave 43 patients a steroid injection and 40 patients a placebo injection. They gave both groups physical therapy.

After one year, the steroid injections resulted in lower complete recovery or less improvement when compared to the placebo. The results were significant. Their conclusion was stark: After one year, steroid injections resulted in worse clinical outcomes! Even at 26 weeks, the steroid group was far behind the placebo group. What's more, physical therapy did not seem to make a difference in outcomes.

Here's another sacred cow that bites the dust. That doesn't mean they're going away. Thousands of people get these shots EVERY day. And these shots make you worse! But medical boards don't care about this. They have other priorities.

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I used to give these injections, but haven't done one since 1978. There is a better option. The medical establishment will say it doesn't have any studies and it's unproven. Sounds like their steroid injections. But this one not only works - they don't cost a fortune.

Please don't get steroid injections for local tendon, ligament pain, or into your joints. You have a far better alternative - Prolozone. Prolozone is a simple injection of risk-free oxygen/ozone gas into the joint. I've seen it work miracles. You can see them too.


REF: JAMA, 2013;309(5):461-469.

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