At high risk for breast cancer?
Take these nutrients instead of drugs
If you're at high risk for breast cancer, an influential panel of experts has a suggestion for you. They think certain non-symptomatic women at risk should take drugs to reduce their risk for breast cancer. They reserved the recommendation for those at risk since the drugs have toxic effects, like blood clots and stroke. And one of the drugs, Tamoxifen, raises risk of uterine cancer.

The group estimated that among 1,000 women with an increased risk of breast cancer, there would be 23.5 cases of invasive breast cancer over five years. If the women took one of the drugs, seven to nine cases would be prevented over five years. But the cost would be an extra four to seven women developing blood clots during that time. And there would be four extra cases of uterine cancer per 1,000 women taking Tamoxifen - an approximate doubling of both of those risks. Women who had a hysterectomy wouldn't have to worry about uterine cancer.

As you may know, I'm a big believer in prevention. But not by petrochemical pharmaceuticals! These drugs reduce the effects of estrogen in your body. Estrogen's effects on the alpha estrogen receptors in target organs are the key driver of these cancers. This is reasonable, but the side effects are not. So let's consider some totally safe alternatives.

Breast cancer prevention starts with DIM, di-indolylmethane. It reduces the conversion of estrogen to a highly carcinogenic metabolite. You get DIM naturally in cruciferous veggies, and you can buy it as a supplement. I typically recommend 100 mg daily.

Next is iodine, which is crucial in modulating the effects of estrogen in your breast (and likely in prostate for men). I use Iodoral and usually recommend taking one-half to one tablet daily.

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Then there's the issue of estrogen reabsorption in your gut. Say your liver gets rid of the excess estrogen properly. Gut bacteria can decouple the tag the liver added to the estrogen to eliminate it. Then your gut can reabsorb the estrogen. To stop this, consider taking calcium D-glucarate. You'll find it naturally in fruits and veggies. As a supplement, I usually suggest 1,500 mg daily. Thorne Research makes a fine product, which you can find online.

Finally, I am getting ever more interested in Pueraria Mirifica (PM) from Thailand. It contains a molecule similar to estriol (E3). This phytoestrogen has no stimulation of the cancer-inducing alpha-receptor. In fact, it likely blocks it from more potent estrogens activating it. And, it activates the beta-receptor, which provides a terrific boost for your brain, bones, blood vessels, (and prostate for men). You can find a product called HRT from Longevity Research, which is an herbal remedy from Thailand, online. Take 100 mg once daily.

I believe these nutrients will do at least as well as chemical estrogen blocking - and they will do it without toxicity.


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