Your body makes one of the best
natural antibiotics
Most people I know don't like to sweat. For some reason, most of us fight this natural process. I'm sure it has something to do with not wanting to be wet or smell. But I have some real interesting information for you. According to a recent study, you shouldn't avoid sweating.

Scientists have just learned that your sweat may contain stronger antimicrobials than the most powerful antibiotics. This team of scientists has found that your skin produces a natural antibiotic called dermcidin. It's so strong it can kill tuberculosis germs, one of the hardiest pathogens we know of.

The study shows that sweat spreads highly efficient natural antibiotics onto our skin to protect you from dangerous disease-causing microbes. That's likely why, when you get an insect bite, this natural protection protects you from infection (bugs aren't very clean - and many carry disease). Think about it. You've had lots of bites. Actual infection is rare.

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Scientists know that some 1,700 natural antibiotics exist! And germs are hardly likely to develop resistance to these antibiotics. In the case of sweat, the molecules quickly overwhelm the bugs. Contrast that to Pharma potions, all of which are challenged with resistance. The natural antimicrobials can kill bacteria through mechanisms that the bugs can't modify quickly enough to resist. This includes tuberculosis and Staph.

Many societies have, through the years, encouraged sweating. Native American Indians used sweat lodges (and many still do). Northern Europeans developed saunas. I think sweating is one of the healthiest things you can do, whether it's by exercise OR heat.

If you use a sauna, please be careful considering age and physical condition. There are now new wonderful infrared devices that are portable, from domes to mattresses. All of these have value depending on your particular needs. I'll have more on these infrared devices in future issues of Second Opinion. In the meantime, get outside this summer and sweat.

REF: Natural News 2-25-13.

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