Is this killer flu headed to the U.S.?

If you've been reading news reports of disease outbreaks overseas, you may have read about an emerging killer virus. The corona virus is closely related to the SARS virus, which killed hundreds in China several years ago. Currently, there have been many cases in Saudi Arabia, with cases in other Middle East countries and even into Europe.

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I am concerned about this virus. But not just this one. I've been perplexed for many years as to why we haven't seen a global pandemic like the Spanish flu of 1918. We are living in more crowded cities, eating far more nutritionally poor and toxic food, and have the ability to spread it almost instantly through air travel.

I can't tell you if this illness will bring such worldwide misery. But I can tell you that it will happen sooner or later. It's just nature at work.

There's no good conventional treatment for viral infections. And these viruses seem to strike the most critical organ regarding infection - your lungs. Your lungs are oxygen's portal of entry. The inflammation of the viral disease will fill your lungs with fluid crippling your breathing. There's also the bird flu that we're told is only a few mutations from being able to transmit from human to human through the air.

I don't mean to be a fear monger. Rather, I want to prepare you so you can avoid the disaster - and know how to treat these viruses if you should get one. You're probably well aware of the oxidation therapies I use in my office, and write about. I believe these will save most everyone who gets help quickly once they contract the virus. These wonders include ozone therapy, ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy, intravenous hydrogen peroxide, and high dose vitamin C. It is not likely that you'll be too far from an integrative physician that does at least one of these.

Peroxide and vitamin C require no special equipment. Rather, it requires access to an open-minded doctor who'd rather try something "out of the (conventional) box" with an awesome safety profile than allow you to die. One Second Opinion reader sits on a major hospital board in Chicago. He told me that an infectious disease chief told him that he'd let a patient die before employing a non-FDA approved modality. To me, that's criminal. Perhaps it will change when the epidemic arrives and family members of these pundits are laid to waste by infection, which could have otherwise been vanquished by these therapies.

Action to take: please know where your closest integrative doctor is. Make sure he can do at least one of the above therapies. High dose vitamin C, perhaps 50-75 grams over three hours cured a New Zealand man who was otherwise condemned to die from viral pneumonia. He received the treatment ONLY because his family demanded it as an alternative to death. From a coma, he walked out of the hospital! 

If you have no access to an integrative physician, and you fall ill to a viral attack, load up on vitamin C to bowel tolerance. That means taking one gram of vitamin C per hour until you get loose stools. Continue C at a lower dose thereafter. Taking vitamin A, up to 300,000 units daily, can be highly effective and safe if you use it for a short burst (up to two weeks). And vitamin D has saved lives in flu epidemics. Consider 50,000 units daily for several days. Finally, look at my website for how you can use hydrogen peroxide by nebulizer or vaporizer for lung protection.

Please be prepared. A pandemic will come, sooner or later.

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