April 17, 2013
Merck recalls this cholesterol
drug because it doesn't reduce
heart attack risk
If you are not convinced about the cholesterol scam, a Merck drug recall should seal the deal. Merck is the maker of Tredaptive. That is a combination "drug." It contains our old standby niacin (vitamin B3). But since niacin causes flushing, the Pharma giant made it a slower release and added a fluorinated chemical, which suppresses the natural flush niacin causes.

Initial reports lauded the drug claiming it did wonders for your lipids. Yes, it does, as we would expect from niacin. But did that translate into reducing heart problems? NO! And that's why Merck is recalling its own drug.

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Additionally, Merck admitted the "medicine" significantly raised the incidence of some types of nonfatal, but serious side effects. These included blood, lymph, and gastrointestinal problems, as well as respiratory and skin issues.

So here we see that a drug that improves lipids does not translate into fewer heart deaths. This has more implications than just debunking the cholesterol myth. It goes to show that treating a symptom by not addressing the cause doesn't work, and might well be dangerous. An example of this is chemical treatment for higher than "normal" blood pressure. It also tells you NOT to jump on a new drug bandwagon. Many doctors are simply "trigger happy" to fire a new chemical at you.

Fortunately this combination drug was not released in the USA. It's an overseas problem. The lesson, though, confirms my reporting here about cholesterol. It also confirms my analysis of the idiocy of western medicine using chemicals to suppress side effects of one chemical with another.

In this case, the principle was niacin, which is not a petrochemical drug. But it does cause unwanted flushing to suppress. So Big Pharma added a chemical to this nutrient. They were then able to patent the "drug" and sell it for a lot more than simple niacin. We've known for years that niacin is an effective way to lower cholesterol. And the time-release niacin often makes the flush issues tolerable. So why take a chemical? For most people, the only reason they would do so is because their doctor tells them to.

If you're worried about high cholesterol, you can try over-the-counter time-released niacin. It will work. But if the flushing is too much, you can use Advanced Cholesterol Formula, which works in most cases and won't cause flushing.

Ref: Reuters Jan 11, 2013.

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