March 6, 2013
Fight the common cold
and osteoporosis with
the same vitamin
If you have osteoporosis, there are two very inexpensive supplements you need to be taking. The first one might surprise you – and the second you may not know much about.

Several years ago, I told you that researchers were able to protect mice that had their ovaries removed against osteoporosis with glutathione. Loss of estrogen increases inflammation in bone. That leads to mineral loss. Glutathione reduces that particular inflammation. But a new study showed that there's another supplement that works as well as glutathione.

In this study, vitamin C had a similar effect. Vitamin C, the common cold fighter, is critical for recycling glutathione. It's possible the vitamin C's action with glutathione had an effect in this study.

The study found that animals with removed ovaries had a much higher rate of bone loss compared to ovariectomized animals that took supplemental vitamin C.

Ovariectomy is akin to menopause. So, the study does have practical value. I agree that osteoporosis is governed by inflammation in the bone. Other diseases, like arterial disease, are also governed by inflammation. If you have osteoporosis, consider 2 grams daily of vitamin C together with bioflavonoids.

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The other supplement? I’ll tell you about it on Friday.


ScienceDaily, Oct. 9, 2012.

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