March 1, 2013
Take this herb to stop
the ravages of diabetes
If you have any liver problems or if you're pre-diabetic, there's an herb you need to take to really protect your liver and even prevent diabetes. A new study shows just how effective it can be.

In this nine-month study on humans, researchers followed 240 adults with pre-diabetes. They gave a daily dose of curcumin to see if it would prevent them from moving into full-blown type-2 diabetes. Then they randomly assigned the participants to take either curcumin capsules or a placebo.

After nine months, 19 of 116 on placebo moved into full-blown type-2 diabetes. None of the 119 taking curcumin developed type-2 diabetes. In addition, adiponectin, which is a very beneficial cytokine, increased with the curcumin. It likely contributed to the greater pancreatic beta-cell function.

Curry is loaded with curcumin. Researchers in Thailand administered curcumin to rats afflicted with diabetes. These animals also had livers deteriorating with typical diabetes and circulation problems. Curcumin was able to actually significantly reverse the damage.

Admittedly, this was rather short term. A study will need to follow obese patients for several years to see if curcumin can really prevent type-2 diabetes. However, these findings were "quite remarkable," said the authors. I agree.

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The dose here was 1,500 mg per day of curcumin, likely in divided doses.

There are lots of curcumin combination products on the market. Reduloxin, a wonderful anti-inflammatory combination supplement, contains 150 mg of curcumin. If you want the higher doses of curcumin, try a single supplement containing just curcumin. My favorite is Curamed, which you find at many health food stores and online.

I use a ton of bioflavonoids in my practice. Among the best are green tea extract, resveratrol, curcumin, Seanol, and luteolin. You'll find these in many products from Advanced Bionutritionals. Based on what I've seen in my use, research, and experience, they will match curcumin in treating diabetes. If you're taking one of these and you're satisfied, don't jump ship.

One final note: Taking the curcumin with Phoschol essential phospholipids (two to three per day) could be your best protection against diabetes and liver problems. Phoschol, Green Tea Extract, resveratrol, Seanol, and luteolin are all available at


Diabetes Care, 6-12; Natural Health, 18 October 2012.

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