February 27, 2013
Can this nutrient stop
heart failure?
As you may know, the media loves to tout poorly done studies that say vitamins don't work. You rarely see them reporting on the studies that say they do work. That's a big reason I write this newsletter. These nutrients can save your life. But the media won't tell you about them. And one of the most important nutrients for your heart is one the media doesn't say much about. That's because CoQ10 works. The drug companies know it, the media know it, and a new study proves it again.

This study was a meta-analysis of the world literature on CoQ10 and heart failure. This is an important study because it looked at a number of previous studies on CoQ10. The results of this study showed that CoQ10 provides significant improvement in the all-important ejection fraction of the left ventricle. And it did so in just 12 weeks.

The ejection fraction is an indicator of how strong your heart is pumping blood. In heart failure, this indicator is very low. A "significant improvement" could be the difference between life and death. This analysis showed the supplement improving functional class by 3.67%. When it comes to heart function, any improvement is most welcome.

While your cardiologist totally ignores nutritional supplements, the world is passing him by.

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This analysis was based on 100 mg of ubiquinone, the first form of CoQ10. I now prefer Ubiquinol. Your body absorbs it better and you'll likely get the same punch at half the dose.

For heart failure, I like to use a host of nutrients that can help your heart gain strength. These include ribose (Corvalen – 1 tsp, three times daily), the amino acid taurine (1,000 mg daily), resveratrol (one tablet, three times daily), PhosChol (three daily), and Arjuna Heart (two, twice daily from Ayush herbs). You'll find these at www.advancedbionutritionals.com or online.


Am J Clin Nutr, January 2013.

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