February 20, 2013
If stress causes diabetes...
there may be a cure
Did you know stress can lead to diabetes? Not only is it true, but it's possible that this discovery may lead to a cure.

That's right! A new theory is emerging about diabetes that might lead to actual cures of the problem. Researchers are looking at normally functioning pancreas beta cells in rats. These cells can de-differentiate into more primitive non-hormone producing cells. These new cells are progenitor cells, which have simply "gone to sleep." The researchers wanted to know what caused the change. The answer? Stress.

But there's more. Once these cells regress into a progenitor cell, that cell can re-differentiate into a sister pancreas cell. This sister pancreas cell makes glucagon, which is a sugar-raising hormone. So stress takes a normally functioning pancreas beta cell and progressively turns it into a cell that causes your blood sugar to go up.

But there's hope. Some amazing research has shown that a totally unrelated pancreas cell, the acinar cell, may hold the answer. This cell makes digestive enzymes. But a certain protein can transform these cells into beta cells. And that might help reignite your pancreas' ability to produce insulin.

I am very excited by the emerging research on beta cells. I've reported how inflammation also turns off insulin production, making it look like the beta cells are dead. Yet cayenne extract infusion into the pancreas artery of animals has led to the re-emergence of insulin production, something thought impossible just a few years ago.

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Now we see that stress can induce beta cells to de-differentiate and "go to sleep." It's quite possible that reducing stress, meditation, and cleaning up your diet and toxin accumulation might encourage these cells to come back. In fact, it might be entirely possible to get the pancreas of a type-1 (juvenile type) diabetic to regenerate beta cells, or recover insulin-productive capability by eliminating inflammation.

Please stay tuned for emerging science on this subject. I do hope that we'll see further studies on this topic, though it might not lead to megabucks for Pharma. If you have any form of diabetes, please take steps to reduce your stress. Meditation, prayer, and Tai Chi might be a great start! Dawson Church authored a terrific book called "The Genie in your Genes." Your thoughts have a powerful impact on genetic expression, which is at the heart of these beta-cell processes.

You can balance inflammation by using oxidation therapy. Silvia Menendez, PhD, of Cuba has presented information at meetings on this. Her research on lab animals shows that rectal insufflation of ozone can reverse type-2 diabetes and actually participate in regeneration of beta cells. This is something that you easily can do at home. I have many patients doing it for other reasons and they love the effects. You can read all about it in the November 2012 issue of Second Opinion on my website. My preferred ozone generator for this use is made by Longevity Resources of Vancouver BC (877-543-3398). Their Ext 120 model is the most versatile and cost effective for home purposes.



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