February 8, 2013
Taking these two simple steps could help you avoid Parkinson's disease
If you have Parkinson's disease, there are two more steps you need to be taking that your doctor probably hasn't told you about. That's because new research shows another cause of Parkinson's that your doctor probably hasn't considered, and these steps will help eliminate it.

I've mentioned in the past that my research and observations indicate Parkinson's disease is tied to toxin exposure. I've stressed pesticides and toxins arising from gut bacteria. Now here's a connection to a poison that's now rather common and likely in your own home.

This study found an association between solvents and Parkinson's. The researchers conducted the study on twins. They focused their research on lifetime environmental exposure to solvents.

The study found that a twin with a work exposure of six months or greater to the solvent trichloroethylene had six times the risk of Parkinson's disease as compared to his unexposed twin. Two other chlorinated solvents, PERC and carbon tetrachloride, tended toward significantly increased risk. But the data was not sufficiently strong to demonstrate a clear association with Parkinson's. They didn't find any risk with the other solvents (toluene, hexane, xylene) they tested.

This is disturbing since TCE is one of the biggest contaminants of our drinking water. It's detectable in up to 30% of U.S. drinking water. Ground water is filled with it because of the run off of the dry-cleaning industry.

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This study perfectly fits into my paradigm that Parkinson's is often degeneration due to toxin exposure. This is yet another reason to purify your drinking water. Imagine, 30% of drinking water is so contaminated it can cause this disease. A simple carbon filter will remove organic poisons. While they won't remove toxic fluoride, which likely poisons your brain as well, they are cheap and a great start!

You also might consider taking Advanced Detox Formula. While I formulated ADF to detox heavy metals, it may help here. ADF helps raise glutathione by indirect, but cheap methods. So it will help any toxin exposure by that mechanism.


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