February 6, 2013
Reduce your risk of painful gout by 75% with this tasty treat
Gout used to be fairly rare. It was a disease of the rich, because higher-priced foods tend to cause it. But now I'm seeing a lot more cases. Unfortunately, gout can be a vexing problem. There are drugs, but they have toxic effects. The good news is a wonderful food may dramatically help.

Researchers recruited 633 people with gout and followed them online for a year. They represented a reasonable cross section of demographics.

They questioned the participants about their gout, symptoms, risk factors, drugs, and whether they ate cherries and for how long. The researchers considered one serving of cherries as a half-cup, or 10-12 cherries. The researchers compared the incidence of gout among those eating cherries to those not eating cherries for two days prior to an attack.  The results were promising.

Those eating cherries had a 35% decreased risk of getting symptoms over the ensuing days.  Furthermore, when combined with an old allopathic standby for gout, Allopurinol, cherries reduced the risk by 75%. The cherries progressively reduced risk with up to a total intake of three servings over the two days. More cherries did not provide additional benefit.

In most cases, I prefer the whole food over the supplement. I do here as well. But the equivalent cherry extract provided the same protection. The researchers controlled for sex, obesity status, purine (the precursor chemical for uric acid) intake, alcohol use, diuretic use, and use of anti-gout medications.

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The FDA hit the cherry industry for telling the public truthful information about the wonders of this superfood. Imagine the carnage if cherry producers labeled cherries as a gout remedy!

If you have gout, consider adding cherries regularly to your diet. If you can't find fresh or frozen cherries, this encouraging report tells us that equivalent cherry extract will help protect you as well. You can find an extract in most health food stores.

You can get acerola cherries in Advanced Greens Formula. Acerola cherries contain the highest amounts of vitamin C of any of the cherries. And they can help treat gout if the fresh/frozen produce isn't available.

Ref: Arthritis Rheum., 2012 Dec;64(12):4004-11.

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