January 4, 2013
Antibiotics aren't the only
cause of drug-resistant bacteria
You probably know that overuse of antibiotics is a big reason bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. The bugs build up a resistance to the drugs over time. But new research suggests the drugs aren't the only cause of antibiotic resistance. In fact, it's possible your own body might be part of the problem.

This is an interesting piece of science. In the study, researchers showed a key mechanism of how bacteria, when present in your blood, can become antibiotic resistant simply due to conditions in your circulation.

The scientists built a device that moves fluid with similar flow and turbulence to your bloodstream. When they added a common human bloodstream pathogen to the fluid (the bacteria), it formed tiny clumps (aggregates) of 10-20 organisms. And it did so in just two hours. This is about the same time it takes for infection to show in human blood. These clumps formed with the help of sticky carbohydrates that are normally present in blood. The clumping made the bacteria antibiotic resistant.

Bacteria enter your body through cuts, trauma, and even when you brush your teeth. A normal immune system will quickly dispatch the invaders. But if your immune system is weak, under stress, exposed to an indwelling IV line, etc, it might not be able to get the jump on the bugs. That's when they quickly cooperate to become drug resistant.

So what can you do about these bugs? You have to know where your closest oxidative physician is. You can find one at www.acam.org. Oxidation can trump clumping and beat these bugs. Infections are no different now than 60 years ago when doctors were routinely curing patients with a few sessions of ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) therapy.

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Your government and organized medicine drove these incredible therapies almost to extinction on behalf of Big Pharma. Oxidation therapies include intravenous hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapy, UBI, and IV vitamin C. If you come down with an infection, these will work far better than antibiotics – and without the side effects that antibiotics can cause.

Ref: J Infect Dis. 2012 Aug;206(4).

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