December 26, 2012
Why your brain shrinks with age
Did you know that the brains of chimpanzees do not shrink with age? It's true.

In a recent study, researchers compared the volume of brain matter in 99 chimps encompassing their adult lifespan of 10-51 years of age. They then compared the findings to human brains structure in 87 adults, aged 22-88 years. Human brains shrunk throughout their normal lifespan, while chimp brains don't shrink at all.

Is it possible this could be why humans suffer from dementia and other memory problems? It's possible. The question is why do our brains shrink while a chimp's brain does not?

The scientists gave their best guess. They think our shrinkage is due to our evolutionary advanced brain and an extended lifespan.

That's absurd! Human brain shrinkage doesn't come on suddenly in old age after "an extended lifespan." I see it routinely present in most patients in their 60s. That's the end of the lifespan for chimps. The article's abstract said all parts of our brains lose volume over our lives. So blaming it on years just doesn't hold water.

What about our "enlarged brains." Well, that's what an enlarged cranium (skull) is there for. So, I find it ridiculous to blame shrinkage on the fact that we came onto the planet with larger brains than chimps. Hmmm, what else could it be???

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Could it be fluoride in water? Or what about lead and other metals we've dumped into our environment? Do chimps fill their teeth with mercury? Perhaps the reason our brains shrink is because of the unnatural stresses we put on it with chemicals and other pollutants. Or could it be the adulteration of our food supply with processed, fast, fried, refined and heated foods that have destroyed the brain sparing nutrients chimps enjoy in the wild?

I call it like I see it. Chimps, with rather large brains for non-humans, keep their brains throughout life. We should enjoy the same as our closest relative in nature does. We don't. We humans even have the benefit of meditation/prayer, which animals do not. And it doesn't stop the shrinkage.

We have an epidemic of Alzheimer's and non- Alzheimer's dementia. Please take steps to preserve your entire body by eating a wholesome diet, detoxing, exercising, meditating and/or praying. Concentrate on foods not damaged by heat or processing. Look for foods as close to nature as the chimp does.

Next, consider supplementing with brain-protecting nutrients. These include green tea, luteolin, acetyl carnitine, essential phospholipids (Phoschol), and other substances I've mentioned here. Advanced Memory Formula is designed just for this. I've not had a scan to check for brain shrinkage. But even my wife has noticed my memory is improving in the 11 years she's known me.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 Aug 9;108(32):13029-34. Epub 2011 July 25.

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