December 5, 2012
Mammograms do
"next to nothing" for women
A lot of doctors disagree with my warnings about mammograms. Unfortunately, they've continued to use this barbaric procedure and have unnecessarily destroyed the lives of many women. But if you listened to my warning, you might have very well saved your breasts. Now there's even more evidence that you should avoid mammography at all cost.

A large U.S. study says mammograms do next to nothing to catch deadly breast cancers before they spread. And, at the same time, more than a million women receive treatment for "cancers" that never would have threatened their lives. This exactly mirrors what we've known about prostate cancer for years. And now that breast cancer is included, you can rest assured that all cancers follow this pattern.

Of course, we all know of women who proudly bear the scars of mastectomy, happy that they were "cured" of cancer 10 years ago. But, were they really "cured" or were the "cancers" the mammography detected destined to go nowhere? The more we learn, the more we see that the latter is likely true.

Dr. Barnett Kramer is a National Cancer Institute screening expert. He says, "We're coming to learn that some cancers – many cancers, depending on the organ – weren't destined to cause death, (however) once a woman is diagnosed, it's hard to say treatment is not necessary." So, your local surgeon chops off your breasts, just in case. Then your oncologist fries (radiation) whatever is left, and you have to deal with all the damage. Worse, many women die from the treatment rather than the cancer.

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Many cancers go nowhere. And, orthodox doctors have yet to learn that those cancers destined to be aggressive will remain that way, regardless of all the slashing, burning, and poisons we toss at them.

Early detection is a scam, as you cannot tell what cancers will be lethal and which won't be. By the time you "detect" the cancer, it is far, far too late. The only rationale approach is prevention. But, between government (Medicare) and private insurance, prevention is a dirty word.

This study suggests that up to one-third of all breast cancer cases (some 50,000-70,000) don't need treatment. Please read that again. If you have a lump that is growing, then you may very well be in the group harboring a lethal cancer. I'll add that for this group, conventional immune system destroying therapy is not the solution you're looking for. There are several treatments I've told you about in Second Opinion. If you're not a subscriber, this information is worth the cost. It could save your life! You can subscribe by following this link.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Ref: NEJM 11-21-12.

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